Hui buckle received more than 310 votes to attract young tourists source a single day seven thousand people visit the main thin unit

The new unit has been launched in succession. Among them, the Tai Wai Hui buckwheat has opened its doors yesterday after being the first open demonstration unit. Inside and outside the public are busy with crowds of people and parents. According to market sources, the project received over 310 votes in two days, taking the first batch of 68 buddies and oversubscribed about 3.5 times.

Following the launch of the first batch of 68 buckets by Hongan’s Acer buckwheat, yesterday was the first Saturday and Sunday to open the demonstration units to the public. The project was located at the demonstration site of Tsim Sha Tsui commercial premises. Although there was light rain outside the venue, The scene is still crowded with many young people. Many of them have young faces. Some of them even appear in the form of couple files. They also attract parents and mothers to move out. Queer dragons sometimes appear at the peak. At the peak, the dragon has a length of more than 10 meters. There are also many agents with inspectors onlookers project model to explain the orientation, school nets and other information, lively scene.

Demonstration house is a dragon

Among the visitors, Mr Ho, who is a flat inspector after 90, said that he is currently renting units in the same district and has been aggressively seeking plates recently. He plans to “sublet for the purchase" and considers the project to be reasonably priced with a budget of 8 million yuan for 1 room Or 2-bedroom units occupy their own homes, frankly speaking, the family will help pay for some of the first phase, but the amount of funding is undetermined, it is estimated there will be a chance to vote for the unit lottery.

Mr Cheng, who came to visit with a group of three children in the form of a family of three, said that he now lives in a self-employed flats in Kowloon Bay and feels that the average price of the project is 18,000 yuan per square foot. However, Four out of the plate, due to the new disc more, it is mainly focused on the diatonic dish, the unit is to buy a unit investment.

Has recorded 3.5 times over purchase

The project started an official receipt on Saturday. According to the news, about 1,700 visitors were recorded yesterday and accumulated more than 3,000 in two days. In addition, over 310 votes have been accumulated for two days and 3.5 times over-subscribed for sale in the near future .

According to the agency in the district, the main dish is a thin unit with a low admission threshold and a rare area in the same area, which can accommodate a relatively high percentage. Therefore, over 60% And New Territories and the rest are Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. About half of the registered persons are young visitors, some of whom are parents and plan to subsidize their children to get in the car in the first phase. It also discloses that the market expects a rental return of 4% It also attracts investors into the market, accounting for about 20%.

Up to 10% discount

The first batch of the main sub-units of the plate, providing up to 10% discount and hot-spicy concessions, an average price of 18,198 yuan ate, units priced at between 4,757,000 to 9,488,000 yuan, foot price ranging from 18877-28841 yuan, after deducting the benefits After that, the discounted price ranged from $ 4,281,000 to $ 8,539,000 at a price ranging from $ 1,696 to $ 19,656.

Admission unit is 1 wing Wing 2, Room D07, an area of ​​252 square feet, open design, a discount price of 4.181 million yuan, foot price 16988 yuan; 1 room admission unit 1 wing 2 A05 room area 389 square feet, Price of 668.8 million yuan, about 17,193 yuan foot price.