Arashiyama parking spaces 1.8 million two-year rise 71%

The market price of parking spaces is getting higher. According to information provided by the Land Registry, a B parking space in Lanshan, Tai Po has just been sold for $ 1.8 million. The original owner purchased 1.05 million yuan in October 2015, with a profit of 750,000 yuan and an appreciation of 71.4%. It is reported that the former owner of former industrial and commercial shops Lijiage Deng Yuanzhi (Hency). Hency confirmed the news last night and disclosed that at the time of purchase, it immediately sold at a high price, but stressed that he would not be able to sell at the same price, until the recent sell-off.

Hency was originally from Lijiage Industrial and Commercial Bank for many years. However, he disclosed yesterday that he hopes his working hours will be more flexible and spend more time with his family. As a result, Hency opened a real estate agency in Tai Po some six months ago. Or second-hand residential, sell yourself Arashiyama parking spaces, the future also want to buy the village investment in the area.