Ten housing estates recorded only 8 Diao Zhou fell 42%

The developers actively pushed their markets to seize market focus. According to the estate agency, the turnover of the top two blue chip houses in the past two days last weekend recorded only 8 levels, down 42.9% on a week-to-week basis. Half of the estates held their eggs.

According to the Central Plains, the ten major estates used to record 8 transactions in the past six days and five of them were non-traded, down from 6 in the previous week and 14 in the previous week. Dealings concentrated in the New Territories, Tin Shui Wai Kingswood Villa recorded up to 3 cases. Li Zongwen said the bank recorded two transactions in the first city of Shatin during the same period. Forty-two middle-scale two-bedroom units of the estate were resold for $ 4.8 million at a practical price of $ 15,789, a gain of about 1.1 times over six years.

Hai Yi high-level 830 million hands

Ap Lei Chau South Horizons recorded only one transaction on the two days. Central Plains Lu Jinghao claimed that 26 estate A high-rise rooms, a salable area of ​​519 square feet, was purchased by 8.3 million yuan, the actual price of 15,992 yuan per foot. Zhao Meixia, a Hong Kong home buyer, said two high-rise two-bedroom units at 15 Broadway Street, Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Lai Chi Kok, with a turnover of $ 8.2 million and a usable foot price of $ 11,816.

New Territories second-line housing records received. Cheung Yat Wong Ching Tak said Tuen Mun Habitat Garden features Tsui Terrace even households, the first home buyers to 5.71 million yuan purchase, practical foot price 10,960 yuan. According to the sources, there was an accident on the same floor in New Port City, Ma On Shan. The counter was sold at a bargain price of $ 8.8 million and a practical price of about $ 1.42 million. It is a market transaction.

Ji Wenliang, chief executive of Jihui Group, wrote yesterday that when the property market declines, the government will inform everyone by reducing spicy or relaxing counter-cyclical measures that a short-term boom in the property market will occur and will soon come down. In addition, Central Plains also pointed out that the number of second-hand private residential listings in Hong Kong, Kowloon, and New Territories in October rose more than 10% monthly.