lubONE take advantage of the soft rental market back by 6 stores

In recent years, the consumer market has not been significantly improved, many shop owners call for rent see also softened, a special anti-market wedding shop to expand the snatch the market, including the wedding chain Club Club 1 (ClubONE) in the past two years to open an additional six branches, the most attention is Last month, the monthly rent of $ 1.15 million was chartered by the landmark Star Seafood Restaurant in Shing Mun Shing Mun. Su Yu Ping, general manager of ClubONE Group (pictured) said that the concept of modernizing the property will be adopted and the shape of the entire vessel will be retained as far as possible to see the landscape of Tolo Harbor and Shing Mun River. It is expected to open in May next year.

Seafood restaurant shop expected more than 100 million business turnover

Starbucks, a landmark of Shatin, closed at the end of last month and was relayed by No. 1 clubhouse for a term of four and a half years with a gross floor area of ​​about 43,000 square feet and a rent of 26.7 yuan per square foot. Su said the group plans to renovate the property, of which the first half of the ground floor, first floor and second floor will be built into a continental theme banquet hall, 3rd floor rooftop, will become a small banquet venue, so that new entrants into the church feeling , And 20,000 square feet of outdoor gardens. In terms of manpower, the Group will openly hire 200 to 300 staff and there will be a tea market and parking spaces in the future. She predicts that the turnover of the Group will be over 500 million yuan this year. After the opening of the Sha Tin Seafood Restaurant, the annual turnover will be expected to exceed 100 million yuan.

However, in recent years, many newcomers have chosen small Western-style wedding banquets and lunches with fewer encircles. Sue indicated that he noticed the current trend of changing the venue for the past 10 years to only $ 20,000 for the past five years In recent years, the Group has built a large number of small or outdoor banquet venues while continuing to provide large-scale venues and giving young guests a wide range of choices.

In the future more than 200 additional staff

Together with the newly rented Sha Tin Seafood Restaurant, the Group currently operates a total of 17 outlets in Hong Kong. For the Group’s adverse economic expansion in recent years, the company replied that the Group’s large purchases in order to stabilize the prices of raw materials and the group’s positioning to provide hotel-level environment at the restaurant prices attracted a certain customer base and increased the market share of the Group. She added that the current market share of the Group is about 6% to 7% and the target is 10% within 3 years. However, in the case of renting new establishments, there are no specific options in the area but more consideration will be given to the characteristics of the site and the environment such as Ad hoc high-rise, feeling and the hotel banquet auditorium similar. Although there are a number of major catering groups on the market today, she said that apart from setting up weddings and co-ordination, the group will also co-host corporate banquets. Therefore, the major competitors are not limited to other wedding boutiques. Ming Bao reporter Xieying Yi