Kaihui second phase received 2200 votes over purchased more than five times

Kaihui second phase received 2200 votes over purchased more than five times

The second round of Kwun Tong Kaihui, which was led by Xinjia (00083), carried out the first round of sales of 338 people on Sunday (23rd). Although it has been the third round of sales of the entire Kaihui development project, the project is getting more and more brave, market news It is said that more than 2,200 votes have been recorded in the first two days, and the purchase price has exceeded 5.5 times. Even over the same period of the first round of the first round of sales, the developer said that it would decide to increase the sales according to the day.

Tian Zhaoyuan, co-director of the company’s sales department, said that Kaihui’s second phase of sales on Sunday was 338, with an average price of about 18,400 yuan, and a total price of about 5.1 billion yuan, depending on the day’s sales and then negotiate with partners. Add a push plan. According to market news, the project received more than 2,200 votes as of 9:00 last night, which exceeded the number of tickets for the first two days of the first round of the first two days, reflecting that there are still a large number of visitors in the market, which will be held on Saturday (22nd) afternoon. 2 o’clock interception.

The developer also partnered with the Bank of East Asia (00023) to provide mortgage offers for the second phase of Kaihui. The interest rate was as low as 2.375%, and the maximum loan amount was 2% cash rebate. This time, the buyer was provided with a 4000 yuan free of charge. Spending. The second phase of Kaihui, located at No. 33 Xiehe Street, offers 974 people, with a saleable area of ​​333 to 1502 square meters, and joined at the end of April 2021.

Discovery Bay Yidi will debut early next year

The first-hand atmosphere has picked up. Hong Kong Industrial (00480) has also deployed a push. The company’s sales and marketing assistant general manager Chen Xiuzhen said that the 16th phase of the N1d area of ​​Discovery Bay on Lantau Island was named Yidi. The English name Poggibonsi was taken from Tos, Central Italy. The wine towns and towns of Cana, the symbolic project is located at a high place, overlooking the mountains and the sea; the project is applying for sales paper and is expected to debut early next year. There are 3 residential towers in Yidi, each with 16 floors and 196 buildings. The practical area is 344 to 1844 square meters, providing open-plan to 4 bedroom units.

In addition, Changshi (01113), the third phase of Tsuen Wan Haizhilian, has already been built. The news said that the developers deployed and sold the last seven high-level units, which are expected to be sold by tender. Xindi (00016) He Wentian Tianzhu Phase 1 has another 3 tendering units yesterday, with a daily cashing of more than 118 million yuan.