Kwai Fong Court shopping mall advertising exterior wall 650,000 shots

Kwai Fong Court shopping mall advertising exterior wall 650,000 shots

The low-water alternative property was sought after by investors. The external wall of the Kwai Fung Court shopping mall in Kwai Chung was ordered by the liquidator to auction the auction. It was eventually sold at $650,000, which was more than 18% higher than the offer price.

The auction property is part of the outer wall of the Kwai Fong Court Shopping Centre in Kwai Chung. It consists of 16 external wall advertising positions with a total area of ​​about 7913.5 square feet. It has been handed over to the Kyrgyzstan. The property offered a price of RMB 550,000, which was won by two groups of buyers. It was finally sold at RMB 650,000, which was 100,000 yuan or 18.2% higher than the price.

A non-defective property requires one-off payment

Cai Hansheng, director of the auction office of Century 21, said that the location of the external wall was conspicuous and of investment value. Therefore, investors were favored and finally sold at the ideal price, reflecting that the market still has demand for alternative properties. It is understood that the advertisement is an unlicensed property, and it is difficult for new buyers to obtain mortgages from banks.

In addition, on the ground floor of 123-125 Wusong Street, Jordan, the construction area is about 970 square meters. The market news refers to the sale of about 50 million yuan, and the price is about 51,546 yuan. According to the information of the Land Registry, the shop was purchased by Yonglong Bank, the predecessor of China Merchants Wing Lung Bank, for 9.5 million yuan in 1991. The book value was 40.5 million yuan, an appreciation of 4.3 times.