Full name mountain investors, two groups of “weight reduction" “Qing Qing City"

Full name mountain investors, two groups of “weight reduction" “Qing Qing City"

The property market has been falling, investors have been accelerating the purchase of goods by the goods, and some even spared the deployment of all bulk cargo. There are family investors in Man Ming Shan in Tuen Mun. In less than one month, two groups were sold out. The speed of cashing over $10 million. The remaining two units in the same estate were also sold for $10.6 million. The Tseung Kwan O Seafood Exchange has more investors who have smashed the smoky tax by $7.7 million. It has been re-invested in the bulk of the goods for more than four years. The industry pointed out that investors are most afraid to “clear the city". If the Sino-US trade war continues to plague the property market, more investors will join the ranks of the goods in the future.

More than 10 million change hands, the average price of 13,200 yuan

Jin Zhuo Real Estate Director Hu Zhuohui said that the full-name Shan Manting 6 high-rise G room, the practical area of ​​384 square feet, one room interval, the original owner bleak to the market to seek to earn, recently reduced the unit from 5.3 million yuan 250,000 yuan (about 4.7%), to 5.05 million yuan, the price is 13151 yuan. The original owner had already opened the adjacent room H for 5.08 million yuan at the beginning of this month, meaning that the two groups were short of less than one month, and the speed of cash was 10.13 million yuan. The average price was 132,000 yuan, which was based on the purchase price of the two units in 2015. The amount of 9.258 million yuan, the value of the book for about 3 years was 872,000 yuan (about 9.4%).

According to the news, the original owner’s family members now hold the same group of high-ranking G and H rooms, but they intend to sell and cash out. Each lease has a asking price of 5.3 million yuan for sale. If the price is successfully sold, the book will earn 84 yuan in about 3 years. Ten thousand yuan (about 18.8%).

Haishu Hui owners 770,000 hot tax sales

Apart from investors who are striving to do their best, some even do not hesitate to “sell" the spicy tax to sell goods. Ke Yong of the deputy division business manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate pointed out that there are 5 low-rise E rooms in Haishuhui, with a practical area of ​​505 square meters. The two rooms are separated. Investors used to purchase 5,564,900 yuan in 2016, although the three-year period of additional stamp duty (SSD) has not expired. However, the investor saw that the unit had a reasonable profit, and he did not hesitate to make a profit of 7.7 million yuan. The price was 15,248 yuan, and the SSD, which deducted 10% of the property price, had a total of 770,000 yuan of spicy tax, and the book still earned 1,365,100 yuan.

Looking up the information, the investor lasted back to the beginning of 2014. In the same year, he took out a low-rise room B of the 3rd floor of the second district of Xinducheng in the same district with a price of 3.65 million yuan. The utility area is 363 square meters, and the two rooms are separated. In the past three years, the book earned 1.13 million yuan (about 44.8%), which means that the company has joined the army of goods for more than four years.

Ke Yong said frankly that the prospects for the property market are unclear. “Investors know that the market will be spotted, and they will start to sell at the water level." Take Haishuhui as an example. More than 10 investors are selling units, all of which are SSDs for 3 years. The term has not expired, and most of the owners bear the spicy tax.

In fact, recent investors have accelerated countless cases of stockpiling, such as the high-rise F room of Tung Chung Blue Sky Coast, with a usable area of ​​485 square feet and two rooms separated by a Japanese veteran investor in the district in 2010. The purchase of 10,000 yuan was recently reduced from 6.5 million yuan to 6.23 million yuan, and the price was 12,845 yuan. It was less than two months ago, the same floor unit price was 6.99 million yuan, and the selling price was about 10.9%. In May of this year, the investor started to sell two units of the lower-floor C-room of the two seawalls in the same area at a market price of 6.7 million yuan. The price has been changed from the market price to the low-price market for about 7 months.

Bu Shaoming, chief executive of the Midland Real Estate Department, said that the current Sino-US trade war is still unclear. Investors are most afraid to “clear the market". In recent months, investors have lost their shipments, and some of them are more In the past few years, the veteran investors who have rarely shipped, if the Sino-US trade war continues to plague the property market, I believe that more investors will join the ranks of the goods in the future.