Taikoo Shrine Made 24,300 Months and Two Broken Top Some Banks Estimated Less “One Ball"

The property market rose rapidly. To Tailor City, which is known as the hottest needle in the property market, a high-level house was sold for 27.05 million yuan yesterday. The price was nearly 24,300 yuan. Less than two weeks later, the property was broken twice. At the top, the online valuation of individual banks lags behind the “one ball” price.

The above-mentioned Taikoo City flat is a high-rise A room in the Purple Birch House, with a total area of ​​1,114 square feet and 3 bedrooms. It enjoys a full sea view to the northeast and is the largest stratified apartment type in Taikoo Shing. Zhao Hongyun, senior senior regional sales manager of Centaline Land, said that the unit is currently Attaching a monthly rent of RMB 42,000, the lease expires in June this year. The original owner put the lease on sale in March this year and released it for about one month. It was sold yesterday for 27.05 million yuan. Room A in the high-rise building sold at 24,057 yuan per square foot. The price of housing estates held for less than two weeks pushed up the price by about 0.9%. In January 2007, the original owner purchased a joint investment of 8.8 million yuan, earning 18.25 million yuan in books for more than 11 years, with an appreciation of 2.1 times.

Sha Tin Center pushes up 2% in less than 10 days

Of the four major banks in Hong Kong, only the online valuation of BOC Hong Kong (02388) was 25.7 million yuan higher than the transaction price of 650,000 yuan; the rest of HSBC, Hang Seng Bank (00011) and Standard Chartered Bank were valued at only 25.74 million to 26 million yuan. Compared with the unit, the cost was 1.05 million to 1.31 million yuan.

It is learnt that the buyers who entered the market in underestimate this time are building customers and own a self-occupation property on Hong Kong Island. After purchasing the above-mentioned units in the Taikoo City Building, they plan to rent out the original owner-occupied property, and the newly purchased property will be too large. Ancient city units are used for self-occupation.

In addition, Sha Tin District, Sha Tin District, there is also underestimated valuation situation, Anning Building, a high-rise D room two-bedroom households, the area of ​​301 square feet, Midland Property Senior Division Manager Chen Chung-chi, said this week (23) on the same area After the 100,000 passengers had negotiated a price of 5.9 million yuan, the hammer price was 19,601 yuan. The price of the old hammer that was recorded in the same estate less than 10 days ago was recorded at 1,203 yuan, pushing up by about 2.1%. The original owner purchased in December 2012 for 3.16 million yuan and earned 2.74 million yuan (86.7%) on the book.

Wei Jianxin Directors 22.8 million

The top four banks lags behind in the online valuation of the site, and the highest-valued Hang Seng Bank is only 5.64 million, which is 4.4% lower than the transaction price, while the lowest valuation of BOC Hong Kong is only 5.26 million. , fully behind the transaction price of more than 10%.

In addition, the extremely low-level unit of No. 32 Banshan Road, Hewentian Banshan, held by Wei Jianxin Surveyor’s Property Development and Investment Director Xu Weiguo, has a saleable area of ​​1,252 square feet and a three-bedroom interval. Market sources stated that it was released for nearly two years yesterday. Finally, it was sold for 22.8 million yuan, and the price was 18,211 yuan. Xu Weiguo purchased it for $15.50 million in October 2013, and changed hands to earn RMB 7.3 million (approximately 47.1%).

According to statistics, the same high-rise units in the same area have the same area. In September last year, they were sold for 23.3 million yuan. Xu Weiguo held the goods for about 7 months, and the final transaction price was even higher for the extremely high-level households.

However, the above-mentioned four major banks are only valued at RMB 20,200,000 to RMB 2,110,000, and the valuation is similarly insufficient.

SSD expires to the blue sky 13.9 million Crown Estates

Tseung Kwan O, which had recorded many top-notch transactions in the month, recorded counter-offer sales. Lin Zhijian, sales manager of Midland Property Branch, said that there were 3 left-wing high-rises in the blue sky in Cannes, with a usable area of ​​950 sq ft. Interval between multiple rooms, the expiry of the three-year period of additional SSD, which attracts 3 sets of buyers’ bids, and then the original owner’s on-site anti-price of 500,000 yuan to 14 million yuan. The price was priced at 13.9 million yuan, and the price was 14,632 yuan. Both the property price and the defective price hit a new high for the blue sky. The original owner of the two purchased in April 2015 for 8.946 million yuan.