Jaws Lu 57.38 million Purchased Yangming Heights

Java (00251) The Lu family members bought another unit of Tai Tam Yangming Villa and recently purchased a middle tier unit for 57.38 million yuan.

Information from the Land Registry showed that there were 53 rooms in the middle floor of Yangming Villa, with a saleable area of 1,886 square feet and a transaction price of 57.38 million yuan. The transaction price was 30,424 yuan.

The registered buyer was Lv Rongzheng, a member of the Java Lu family. The original owner purchased in 2013 for 33.3 million yuan, and now the book turnover is 23.78 million yuan, an appreciation of 70%.

In addition, the low-rise unit of No. 14 Beaufort Road in Happy Valley has a saleable area of 1,797 square feet, with a turnover of 40 million yuan, and a saleable area price of 22,259 yuan.

Tianyi House 27 million baht

Long Zhifeng, an area co-director of Centaline Real Estate, pointed out that the Dongdan Villa on Geneva Avenue in Sheung Shui was sold for RMB 27 million. The unit had a saleable area of 1,845 square feet, and the price was RMB 14,634. The original owner purchased in 2012 for $26.49 million and earned RMB 510,000.