New World (00017) Sai Ying Pun has sold well and sold 39 groups yesterday. Among them, 1 group of open-plan units discounted a high price of 41,000 yuan, challenging the high price of open units in Hong Kong.

In the past 10 days, 45 units have been successively sold, and 175 units have been sold and cash has been used for more than 1.44 billion yuan.

In view of the good sales situation, the developer yesterday pushed the price list No. 6 and involved 39 groups, of which 12 were open-plan units, 6 were 1 bedroom and 21 were 2 rooms, and the saleable area was from 213 to 462 square feet. From 99.26 million yuan to 21,539,000 yuan, the price of the single price from 34,310 to 51,276 yuan. Calculated at a discount rate of 20%, the discounted price is from 7.94 million to 17.231 million yuan, which is a discounted price of 27,400 yuan to 41,000 yuan.

The 33rd floor, Room J, with an area of ​​221 square feet, has a discounted price of approximately RMB 9,065,600. The discounted price is RMB 41,000. It not only challenges the price of the project, but also has the opportunity to create a new record for open market prices in Hong Kong. In addition, the developer has also revised a price list. Room 12A has a 2% markup.

Gaddle Peak Duplex 65 million sold

The developer announced sales arrangements and launched 25 sales on Sunday (29th).

The first-hand mansion was held. Dahonghui’s Homantin’s Kadoorie Peak recorded the first compound unit transaction yesterday. Room 26 and 27, Room A, changed hands by RMB 65 million, and the unit’s saleable area was 2,098 sq. ft., and the practical price was RMB 30,982. Both hit a new high.

New World Yuen Long Yulin sold 1 swimming pool bungalow, with an area of ​​4,744 sq. ft., with a transaction price of 60 million yuan and a price of 12,648 yuan. The transaction price hit a new high.

Poly Real Estate’s subsidiary Kai Tak Lung Yue has promoted 98 teams, priced from 6.991 million to 37.68 million yuan, and the price ranged from 26,203 to 37,003 yuan. The discounted selling price ranged from 5.837 to 31.463 million yuan, representing a discount of approximately 21,880 to 30,897 yuan. yuan.

This time, it also includes 14 low-rise units. The project will upload sales arrangements on the same day and will push 28 people on Sunday (29th).

Yuen Long Parkway special households 7.48 million yen

In addition, New World Yuen Long Parkside recorded a total of 3 partnerships, including 2 garden households. The transaction price ranged from 7.038 million to 7.837 million yuan, and the average price was 12,164 to 14,786 yuan. Pak Yi has sold more than 98 gangs and has cashed in over 590 million yuan.

The same department of Clear Water Bay has also recorded the sale of the property. The transaction price was RMB 16,699,000 and the price was RMB 17,530. The project sold 255 units.