Fine-price building can create 90% mortgage.

In order to build 90% mortgages, nanometer units below 4 million yuan became hot targets for car owners, which in turn caused prices of fine households to rise steadily. Among them, 10 units of open units in Laoshan, Tai Po recorded transactions this month, and the construction cost continued to break. top.

The agent in the area pointed out that Lushan is a large housing estate with a club price of less than RMB 4 million in the whole of Hong Kong. Therefore, it has attracted a large number of passengers entering the market for high-volume mortgages. The housing estate has recorded 14 transactions this month, of which 10 The case is an open-plan flat. The average price of this type of flat is 19,260 yuan, which is even higher than Hong Kong Island’s Kornhill Garden and South Horizons.

Shatin Center two rooms sold 5.9 million

The latest case was 7 high-rise D rooms with a saleable area of ​​196 square feet and a young couple receiving a total of 3.8 million yuan. The construction cost was in line with the high record of open-plan unit construction costs. The original owner spent RMB 1.59 million to purchase in the beginning of 2015. The holders of the goods held a profit of RMB 2.21 million for approximately 3 years, which was a 1.4-fold increase during the period. It is the most ideal housing estate for the recent occupancy increase.

Driven by the repeated destruction of the cost of Lushan, the cost of fine units in all districts has continued to rise. For example, the high-rise D room of Anning Building, Shatin Center, has a practical area of ​​301 square feet. It is a two-bedroom space and has just changed hands with 5.9 million yuan, and the utility price is 19,601 yuan. Yuan, a new high price for housing estates. Secondly, at Room 5, Lower Floor of Block B, Longfeng Garden, Fanling, with a saleable area of ​​312 square feet, it has just changed hands with 4.77 million yuan, and the average selling price was 15,288 yuan, which is the first second-hand housing estate in the area with a surging price of 15,000 yuan.

Yuen Long Well Shunyi 266呎416 million for sale

In addition, the cost of nanometer units in many second and third tier housing estates also soared. The lower floor of Block B, Yuen Long Ho Shun Yee Building, has a floor space of only 266 square feet. It can be used as a one-bedroom space and has just changed hands with 4.16 million yuan. 15,639 yuan, surpassing the price level of the housing estate in the district. At the same time, the YOHO Midtown Block 5 high-level room A, the area of ​​362 square feet, just changed hands to 680 million yuan, belonging to the second-hand housing estates in the region a housing unit cost a new high. Industry-hosted goods accounted for 4.07 million yuan in profit taking out of the market in 8 years.

On the other hand, Tseung Kwan O’s second-hand property prices soared this month, and the prices of many housing estates were broken. Among them, the middle D room of Block 1A of the Tianjin IIIA period had a practical area of ​​366 square feet, which was a one-room interval and had just changed hands with 7.55 million yuan. The price was 20,628 yuan, and the construction cost was a new high for the 1 bedroom unit in the district. The original owner purchased RMB 4.803 million in September 2014 and the book profited RMB 2.747 million, an increase of 57%.

In addition, Yau Tong Peninsula East entered the market in the middle of last year. With the expiration of three years of additional stamp duty, the small property owners left the market. For example, in a medium-level room A, the area of ​​931 square feet of practical area belongs to the interval of 3 rooms. It just changed hands with about 13 million yuan, and the price was 13,963 yuan. The original owner had purchased it for 4.27 million yuan in April 2015. The holder had a profit of 4.73 million yuan during the three-year period of the book, and appreciated by 57% during the period.