Jibao 88.5 million sells the top floor of Wanchai

The cost of commercial buildings has broken through, and the top floor of the New Era Center of Grade B Commercial Building in Wanchai has changed hands with 88.5 million yuan. The price has reached a record high of 25,600 yuan, which is nearly 90% higher than the old price record of the building.

The 38th floor of the New Era Center, No. 393, Jaffe Road, has a floor area of ​​about 3,454 square meters and sold for 88.5 million yuan. The price is 25,622 yuan. The predecessor of the unit was leased to a private clubhouse with a 24-hour independent air-conditioning system. Currently, the company has an estimated monthly market rent of about 240,000 yuan and a return of more than 3.2%.

As the upper site is located on the top floor of the building, you can enjoy the Victoria Harbour view, so the price is much higher than the downstairs unit. According to the data, the highest transaction price before the New Era Center was for the middle and low-level units, and the price was 13500 yuan. The latest transaction was 89.8% higher than the previous transaction.

According to the Land Registry, the unit was bought by senior investor Ji Bao in 2004 for 11.5 million yuan with 3 parking spaces. Currently, only office units are sold. The book has a substantial profit of 77 million yuan, an appreciation of 6.7 times.

Guo Shaoming’s son-in-law dismantled the industrial building and pushed 18 households

In addition, Sasha International (00178) Chairman Guo Shaoming and Chen Zhenbang dismantled the sale of THE BLOCK SEA, F & G room studio project, 16th Floor, Golden Bear Industrial Center, 66-82 Chai Wan Kok Street, Tsuen Wan, and Chen Jinlun, Senior Business Director, Industrial and Commercial Department of Zhongyuan (Industrial and Commercial) It is said that there are 68 studios in the project, and about 40 people are sold. The average price is about 7,000 yuan. Now, 18 units are added to the market. The remaining 10 people are interested in retaining the price and selling the units.