Huaying Yinjingfeng “Cooling" sale

Yinhai Peak of Qingshuiwan, a subsidiary of Huaying Group, broke the price of the first-hand house in the New Territories with a price of 56,423 yuan. It was launched next to another real estate project, Yinjingfeng. Yesterday, “Temperature" pushed all three houses for sale. And determined to challenge the new record again. The group will launch four sets by the end of the year, involving 764 people.

The price of the challenge challenges the Sai Kung record

Wu Chongwu, director of the sales department of Huaying Group, said that Yin Jingfeng had obtained the occupation paper in May, and recently uploaded the building book. The sales arrangement was uploaded yesterday, and all three houses were sold. The bidding was started on the 25th of this month. The date is August 31, the price will refer to the same line adjacent to Yinhai Peak, and the price will challenge the new high in Saigon. Located in Yinjingfeng, No. 2, Anning Trail, it offers 3 separate houses with a practical area of ​​2438 to 2981 square meters, each with a private pool.

Wu Chongwu said that together with Yinjingfeng, a total of four new projects will be launched in the second half of the year. The next project will be the 18th house project (10 people) in the same area, and the Long Ping South Project (720 people). From September to September, soft sales began. The fastest sales were in October. The Pokfulam Bisashi Road project (31 gangs) was launched at the end of the year, and the four sets involved 764 people. Recently, some developers have launched a special trading period. Huaying will decide whether it will follow suit depending on its response. At present, the group has only 140 stalls at the end of the building, with the largest number of Tuen Mun. He said that since the luxury homes are rented out, the relevant units will have a certain discount on the cost of the sale in the future, so they will not be resold for rent because of the vacant tax. In addition, the same department of Tseung Kwan O Hai Yu Hui has been admitted, and is expected to sell more units next month.

The same district is developed by New World (00017). The 6 basement B of the Aowei is connected to the garden. The practical area is 1729 square meters. It is set to 1085 square garden. It was sold for 41.85 million yuan yesterday. The price is 24,205 yuan. Aowan has already entered the market. The market said that there are still 6 teams in the project. The new price list will be uploaded and the sale will be launched within the day.