Sheng Zhiwen’s son bought 48 million yuan for a hundred years. The top layer made 27,800 pairs of new highs.

Celebrities and entertainers in the city have been active in residential sales. They have been trading for more than one and a half months since June. The total second-hand market has recorded at least 19 celebrities and entertainers, with a total investment of more than 1.348 billion yuan. The latest is the “Father of Lan Kwai Fong” Sheng Zhiwen son Sheng Kai [picture], spent 48 million yuan to buy the top-level unit of the Mid-Levels of the Centennial Building, the price of more than 27,800 yuan, more than double the property cost and high price.

Wen Zhuopei 30.98 million Yunfeng Building

In recent months, celebrities and entertainers exposed in the residential market have been trading in all walks of life. Apart from artist Shu Qi and Chairman of the Kwun Tong District Council, Chen Zhenbin, who has entered the market or sold goods, Sheng Zhiwen and Lan Kaifang Group Chief Executive Sheng Kai, according to the land registration According to the information, at the beginning of this month, it also spent 48 million yuan to purchase the 4th floor unit of the top floor of the 100-year-old building of McDonald’s Road, 27 to 29, with a saleable area of ​​1,723 square meters and a price of 27,858 yuan. The construction price and the price of the property broke the property record. The original owner purchased it for 35 million yuan in 2013, earning 13 million yuan (about 37.1%).

Baishunshun Building has always had many celebrity owners. For example, the star image director Ma Tianyou now holds the high-rise units of the building. The chairman of the Kodak Real Estate, Tang Junming, who has been in the property market for many years, used to be one of the owners of the building.

Celebrities in the financial sector also joined the property market. Wen Hangpei, senior investment market manager of Hang Seng Bank (00011), jointly invested 9.5 million yuan in 2007 to purchase the parking space of the lower third floor of Block C2, Yunfeng Building, Mid-Levels, North Point. According to the Land Registry, At the end of the month, the parking space was taken out at 30.98 million yuan. The practical area was 1407 square meters, and the price was 22018 yuan. Wen Zhuopei earned 21.48 million yuan.

Ye Qingning sells Fuxiyuan for a price of 24,600

In addition, the travel industry “Lao Xing Zun”, the president of the Hong Kong Travel Agency Association and the chairman of Jin Yi Holiday, Ye Qingning, through the company’s top three-bedroom unit in Fu Xi Court, West Mid-Levels, with a saleable area of ​​621 square meters, with 437 square roofs According to the Land Registry, at the end of last month, it also changed hands with 15.28 million yuan, and the price was 24,605 ​​yuan. The construction price and the price of the goods reached a new high. Ye Qingning entered the market with 11 million yuan in 2012, earning 4.28 million yuan (about 38.9%).