Tenants rented 970,000 yuan to win the Ma On Shan

The tenants are buying the mosquito-type building investment. The Ma On Shan Public Housing Yaoan Village has a non-conforming unit with a usable area of ​​more than 100 square meters. It was bought by three groups of customers yesterday. If the amount of land premium is to be paid, it will be necessary to pay another land price in the future. It will be more than 25% higher than the offer price. It is expected to be 6,000 to 7,000 yuan per month.

The loyalty auction house started 14 properties yesterday and sold 4 items. Among them, the open-plan unit of the middle floor of Yaohe Building in Yao’an Village has a practical area of ​​127 square meters. There is no land lease. The land price is 581,000 yuan and the land premium has been paid for 770,000 yuan. The land price is 970,000 yuan, which is 200,000 yuan higher than the opening price (about 26%). The buyer will be responsible for paying the unit’s land premium in the future. The unit’s premium rate is 53%. The estimated land premium amount will be no less than 50. Ten thousand yuan, inferred that the transaction price is at least 11,575 yuan.

Lidong Village silver main plate changed to 503 million

Century 21 Jialian Real Estate Director Lin Taihe said that the main room of the 24th floor of the Dongsheng Building in Lidong Village, Ap Lei Chau Estate, is a 380-square-foot two-bedroom household with a saleable area of ​​4.8 million yuan. The family members of the branch were purchased with a land premium of 5.03 million yuan, which was 230,000 yuan (about 4.8%) higher than the opening price, and the price was 13202 yuan. In 2012, the original owner purchased the unpaid land price of 331,600 yuan, and finally became the main bank of silver. The amount of land premium was not paid, and the appreciation was 4,698,400 yuan (about 14.2 times).