The first city’s 260 million maintenance fee depends on the owner’s burden

Everyone wants to get on the bus, but the owner is always faced with the burden of the sky-high maintenance fee.

Some District Council members have revealed that the maintenance cost of Block 52 in Sha Tin City No. 1 over 30 years old is about 260 million yuan. It is estimated that the project will be completed within 8 to 9 years.

The total amount may increase or increase the management fee.

However, as the cost of maintenance works is increased by 5 to 10% per annum, it is not excluded that the total amount of maintenance fees will increase. It is necessary to rely on the monthly contribution of the owners for the next 8 years. If the building maintenance fund is insufficient, it may be subject to management fees.

Sha Tin District Councillor Wong Ka-wing said that in response to the Government’s mandatory building inspection programme, the first city, which was over 30 years old, was recommended by the building inspection division.

Pay monthly for 100 yuan. Contribution for 8 years.

He revealed that the maintenance cost of an estate in the first city was about $5 million, including scaffolding, leakage of pipes and fire tests. It is estimated that each household will pay an average of about $100 a month and the contribution period is about 8 yuan. year.

According to 52 buildings of 5 million yuan each, the total maintenance cost is about 260 million yuan.

According to Huang, the cost of scaffolding is at least $600,000 per building. Due to the large number of large-scale projects in the past few years, the salaries of maintenance staff have also increased. All buildings in Sha Tin have completed maintenance after 8 to 9 years. About 5 to 10%; if the building maintenance fund is insufficient, a management fee will be added.

He believes that housing estates need to have a good financial position, it is not appropriate to collect large sums at a time, and the transparency of the tendering process should be improved.

He suggested that the OC could also find the quotation of the independent engineering company and then compare the quotations of the parties.