Investors 78.66 million buy Qingshuiwan proud 2 groups

The market has recorded celebrities entering the market. Shi Bingxiang, the son of the “Mahjong Museum", has more than 78 million yuan to sweep 2 groups of Qingshuiwan, and has to pay hot tax, involving an amount of 11.8 million yuan.

According to the Land Registry, Room A of G Tower 2 and Block A of Block G of G Building were sold for RMB 39.518 million and RMB 39.083 million respectively. The total purchase price was RMB 76.664 million. The saleable area was 1,736 and 1,737 sq. ft. The price is 22,800 and 22,500 yuan. The registered buyer is Shi Bingxiang. Shi Bingxiang frequently enters the market to sweep the goods in recent years. The purchase of building materials is subject to hot taxation, calculated at 15%, involving tax of 11.8 million yuan.

In addition, according to the Land Registry, Room A, the top floor of Baishunshun Building in Mid-Levels, the practical area is 1,723 square feet, which was sold for 48 million yuan. The practical price is 27,858 yuan. The registered buyer is Sheng Zhiwen’s son Sheng Kai. Both the price and the price of the property have reached a new high in the housing estate.

Sheng Zhiwen’s son

According to the market, the second floor of Room B, Leighton Hill, Happy Valley, was sold for about $56 million. The saleable area was 1,240 square feet and the transaction price was 45,161 yuan.