The standard household price of Tianzhu is 41,000.

The new disk continued to create high prices. The standard households of Kai Tak Tin Shun were nearly 49 million yuan yesterday, with a price of 41,000 yuan, which is more expensive than East Kowloon. Another Baishijiao Yunhui Phase 1 3rd house has a total of 33.69 million yuan. The price of the project was 30,300 yuan, and the transaction price of the project was a new high.

Kai Tak, a subsidiary of Jianye, sold the A-room, 37th Floor, Block 1, Tianhaihui, which is a standard unit of 4 bedrooms. The utility area is 1,190 square feet. The transaction price is 48.79 million yuan, and the price is 41,000 yuan. It breaks the reputation of San Po Kong. The record price of Hong Kong’s featured households hit a new high in East Kowloon. According to the data, the A room on the 36th floor of the same building, that is, the unit on the lower floor, sold only RMB 33.027 million in September last year, and the price was RMB 27,700. This means that the developer has increased the price by 48% in less than one year.

Huaying Yinjingfeng Next Wednesday’s bidding

As for the first phase of Xindi (00016) Baishijiao Yunhui, 3 groups were sold yesterday, including 2 rooms, room A1, 19 rooms, with an area of ​​1,112 square feet. The transaction price was 33,936,600 yuan, and the price was 30,300 yuan. The transaction price has reached a new high.

On the other hand, Huaying Group’s Qingshuiwan Peninsula North Yinjingfeng has already uploaded the book, and Wu Chongwu, the sales director of Huaying Group, said that the Yinhaifeng, which is adjacent to the same department, has recently recorded another transaction, and Yinjingfeng has been admitted. Paper, so it was launched during the summer vacation period, and has nothing to do with vacant taxes. Wu said that the project pricing will refer to Yinhaifeng. The previous transaction price was about 56,000 yuan, while Yinjingfeng was larger than Yinhai Peak. It is confident that the price can challenge the new high. The developer has announced the sales arrangement yesterday. The bungalows will be closed on the 25th (next Wednesday) in the form of a circular mark.

The developer added that the Group currently has a small number of remaining spot units, about 140. Among them, there are about 79 gangs in Tuen Mun, which will be re-launched next month. They have the opportunity to attract buyers by reference to the long-term payment plan launched by other developers.