New disk absorption power purchasing power second-hand power

New disk absorption power purchasing power second-hand power

Recently, a number of new orders have been sold under the low price strategy, and the Sino-US trade war has eased, and the government is considering relaxing the mortgage to help first-time buyers “get on the train", which will help the overall property market to warm up. . However, the new disk sales seem to have absorbed most of the market purchasing power, resulting in the second-hand market power. According to the data of the four major real estate agents, in the past weekend, the volume of the top ten housing estates continued to be in the number of units, and the number of transactions in various agencies rose and fell.

The top ten housing estates of Central Plains recorded 8 transactions last weekend, the best performing estate agent, an increase of 3 or 60% over the previous weekend, with the highest volume in 6 weeks. Among them, Taikoo City and Kingswood Villas recorded 2 transactions respectively, and Meifu New Village recorded 4 transactions. Mid-Autumn Property’s top ten housing estates posted a slight increase in trading last weekend. A total of about 7 transactions were recorded, up nearly 17% on a weekly basis. However, there are still 7 estates in the estates, and the number of units has been recorded for six consecutive weekends.

In respect of the Li Kwai Court, the top ten housing estates in the bank recorded 6 transactions last weekend, a decrease of 25% from 8 cases on the previous weekend, which was the number of units for 30 consecutive weeks.

Hong Kong Property As at 3 pm yesterday, the Bank’s top ten housing estates recorded a total of 3 transactions at the weekend, which was flat.

Second-hand lunar calendar is hard to see a big rebound

Li Zhicheng, the chief executive of Hong Kong Property Management, said that the developers are rushing to the new market before the Lunar New Year, and they are targeting the market at a low price. Many prospective buyers are inclined to the new market. However, the number of flats in the index houses has risen slightly last weekend. The investment is still stable. Li Zhicheng believes that the current weak second-hand transaction is mainly due to the lack of bamboo shoots, coupled with the new disk grabs, it is expected that the second-hand market transactions will be expected to rebound before the lunar calendar.

Chen Yongjie, vice president and head of the residential division of Centaline Property Asia, said that the recent hot sale of several new markets has boosted the property market and stimulated buyers to accelerate their entry into the market. Only about half a month from the Lunar New Year, in addition to the active passengers on the train, the changers also entered the market before the year, which is good for the transaction atmosphere of the medium and small price properties.