Tianzhu first round hot sale price increase and push 324 people Downtown 38 speed ticket in excess 16 times

Tianzhu first round hot sale price increase and push 324 people Downtown 38 speed ticket in excess 16 times

The new disk has heated up this year, and the new Pantai Diamond, which was rushed by China Overseas (00688), has sold 486 people in the first round on Saturday (12th). Successfully washed away the recent hurricane in the inner room in Hong Kong to sell new discs. The developers were fascinated by the purchase of 162 gangs. The average price of the franchise was raised to more than 13,000 yuan. However, the day was still more than 450 votes on a single day, and the excess was nearly 1.8 times. So, 162 gangs were added last night. The average discounted price has been added to more than 13,300 yuan. The City of Toyo Bay, which was developed by SHKP (00016) and the Urban Renewal Authority, continued to attract votes. The number of votes received by the city’s project has rushed to more than 840 votes in just two days, which is nearly 16 times higher than the 50 outsourcing.

The latest price is 13.3 million. The first batch is 4.3%.

The first two rounds of Tianzhu’s two-price list were 486, which was close to the second-hand price in the same area. It was picked up at the sales office of the Kowloon Bay International Exchange Center from 9:00 on Saturday. The market was only opened for more than 5 hours. A total of 243 people have been fired, and 469 people have been selected throughout the day, equivalent to about 96.5% of the units sold. The developer added a new batch of 162 gangs at a later date, and the average price was 13136 yuan, which was an average of 12,995 yuan more than the price of the 2nd price, which was slightly increased by about 1.1%. According to market sources, the market started a new round of invoices yesterday, with more than 450 votes on the same day, meaning that the speed is over 1.8 times. Last night, the developer added 162 gangs. The average price of the franchise rose to 13,350 yuan, and the increase was expanded to 1.6%. The average price of the first price was 12,800 yuan, and the cumulative price increase was 4.3%.

Downtown 38, which is attacked by the new urban posture, opened its demonstration unit in the city of Kwun Tong in the past. It was opened to the public on Sunday. At about 5 pm on Sunday, the market attracted more than 100 squatters to queue up. The scene was lively. As of last night, the market has received more than 840 votes, compared with the first batch of 50 gangs launched on Friday (11th) with an average discount of 17,288 yuan, an excess of nearly 16 times. Located in No. 38, Beide Street, To Kwa Wan, Downtown 38 has a total of 228 gangs with a usable area of ​​280 to 561 square meters. It is expected to enter the end of March next year.

The Carmel 36 Bungalows Tender on Thursday

The Carmel, the development of Yongtai Real Estate (00369), launched the first batch of 50 gangs and temporarily received 324 votes. The developer yesterday launched the launch of the 36-seat house on Thursday (17th) from the single-day tender. Wing Tai Real Estate Development Executive Director and Sales and Marketing Director Zhong Zhilin said that the saleable bungalows are available for sale from 1082 to 1878 square meters. The price will be based on the same area of ​​Peri and Man Ming Shan. The intent price is about 26,000 to 40,000 yuan. More than 100 buyers have been enquired. As for the project tiered units, there is an opportunity to push up next week, and there is room for price increases, which will be sold as soon as next week.

In addition, the first-hand transaction record shows that Monterey, the Tseung Kwan O Real Estate’s Tseung Kwan O, had recorded six consecutive houses purchased by related parties on Friday (11th), involving a total of 323.9 million yuan. The market does not rule out that the developer has Batch houses were injected into subsidiaries and deployed for future sales.