Jingtong Roosevelt Square near the subway

Jingtong Roosevelt Square near the subway

Link Exhibition (00823) announced the acquisition of Beijing Tongzhou Roosevelt Plaza at the end of last year. According to the reporter’s field visit at the end of last month, the location was more than half an hour’s subway ride from the center of Beijing. The crowd was quite sparse in the afternoon, only ten in each restaurant. Many people dine.

Half an hour drive from the center of Beijing

The 6-storey Beijing-based Roosevelt Square is adjacent to the subway. The layout design is close to the traditional Hong Kong shopping malls. There are restaurants on all floors, and there are many international brands familiar to Hong Kong people. The reporter visited during the weekdays and saw only a small number of people. The most prosperous floors were the chain coffee shop on the 1st floor and the maternal and child and children’s wear department on the 3rd floor. The latter’s focus was on the children’s club.

However, there are very few guests who go to shop or restaurant for lunch. At lunch time, there are only more than ten people dining in each restaurant, and the occupancy rate is low. How to improve the flow of people has become a big test to increase rental income.

Local real estate agents said that there are still a large number of choices in nearby pavilions. The rent ranges from 4 yuan to 10 yuan per square meter. The closer to Jingtong Roosevelt Square, the more expensive the rent. In addition, the new life plaza, which is only a 3-minute walk from Beijing Roosevelt Square, may bring competition. The tenants of this venue are of lower grade and there are many brands that emulate brand names.

There are not many people in the mall. According to the review, the shopping malls are more likely to visit the weekends and evenings in response to the consumption patterns of the neighboring communities. With the establishment of the city sub-centers, there will be many government departments, the office population. It will make the consumer groups younger, effectively improve and improve Tongzhou’s overall consumption level and consumption habits, and will use the Group’s business network and asset management expertise to expand the product and service supply categories of the property and introduce more high-quality brands.