Reconstruction of the 33-storey commercial building in Maxwell, Kwun Tong

Reconstruction of the 33-storey commercial building in Maxwell, Kwun Tong

The Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, published the “Policy Report" last year, announcing the reactivation of the policy of revitalizing the industrial buildings. The owners of the industrial buildings have deployed accordingly. The Town Planning Board today (22nd) will consider two applications for redevelopment of industrial buildings in Kwun Tong. Both require an increase of 20% in development density. The Planning Department will not object to it and is expected to pass. One of them is the Maxwell Industrial Building, 350 Kwun Tong Road, which is owned by the Roche Group and is expected to be redeveloped into a 33-storey commercial building.

Roche Group owns the named east 350

Under the new measures to revitalize industrial buildings, the Government allows for the completion of the Qualified Industrial Buildings completed before 1987. The plot ratio at the time of redevelopment can be increased by 20%. The Maxwell Industrial Building, which is owned by the Roche Group and is located at the junction of Kwun Tong Road and Lei Yip Street, is now an 8-storey industrial building built in 1967. It covers an area of ​​about 192,000 square feet. As far as the site is concerned, the building is undergoing demolition works. The proposed commercial building is named “east 350″.

The Roche Group was approved by the Town Planning Board last year to rebuild the site as a commercial building with a 12-fold plot. At the end of last year, it applied for a relaxation of 20% of the development density and a 33-storey building with a plot ratio of 14.4 times (including a 4-storey basement). ), the total floor area is about 276,200 square meters, which is expected to be completed in 2021.

The Planning Department has pointed out that the new commercial premises are in line with the planning intention of the “Commercial" use of the site. Buildings will also be moved along Lung Yip Street and Hang Yip Street to help improve the environment of the footpath. The relevant government departments have no negative opinions on the technical areas of air circulation and landscape. Therefore, the Planning Department does not object to the application.

The real estate fund, HSBC Capital, founded by Sasha International (00178) Chairman Guo Shaoming, the young son Guo Haoquan, applied for a 20% discount on the build-up ratio of No. 32 Hongtu Road in the same district and a 14.4x reconstruction to a 38-storey commercial building. The total floor area is about 141,200 square meters.

The upper site is the 7-story high-tech industrial building of Rongxingli Industrial Building completed in 1968. The relevant departments have no negative opinions on traffic and fire prevention, and do not object to the application. As for HSBC Capital’s proposal to relax the site’s height limit from 100m (mainly above the benchmark) to 30.2% to 130.2m, the Planning Department admits that the major owners failed to provide sufficient justification to support the relaxation of the ceiling, but consider the adjacent buildings. The height of the object is 100 to 160 meters, and it is considered that the height of the building is relaxed to 130.2 meters.

In addition, senior investor Deng Chengbo applied to convert the entire East Asian Yarn Factory Building in No. 2, Hetian Street, Tuen Mun into a 17-storey commercial building, providing office buildings, shops and 599 hotel rooms. The Planning Department considered that it was in line with the planning intention. Oppose the relevant application.