4 old buildings in Aberdeen, Emperor 428 million acquisition

4 old buildings in Aberdeen, Emperor 428 million acquisition

In recent years, Emperor International (00163), which focuses on the acquisition of the old buildings in Hong Kong Island, has just spent nearly 430 million yuan to purchase the entire property of four properties at 74 to 80, Aberdeen Old Street.

According to the Land Registry, all units from 74 to 80 Old Streets in Aberdeen were purchased by ALL HARVEST CORPORATION LIMITED last month. The total transaction price was about 428 million yuan. Among them, the purchase price of residential units was 4.788 million to 9.653 million yuan.

Hawthorn Xie Kee fish egg site 80 million sold

According to the company’s registry, why is the director of ALL HARVEST’s company, Hao Xian, who has assisted the Emperor in the acquisition of the Mid-Levels and other projects in the past. It is expected that the acquisition will also be related to the Emperor.

Among the units purchased, the ground floor of 80 Old Street, Aberdeen was formerly the 65-year-old “Hawthorn Xie Kee Fish Egg" old shop. Although the store closed in 2012, the founder Xie Guimao did not sell it. The property was changed to rent. At present, the site was acquired by the consortium. Xie Guimao eventually sold out the entire property for 80 million yuan. Compared with the purchase price of 120,000 yuan in 1969, the company made a substantial profit of 78.88 million yuan, an appreciation of 666 times.

The pilot property in charge of the acquisition said that the site area of ​​No. 74-80 Aberdeen Old Street was about 4580 square meters. It is now zoned “Residential (Group A) 3″. It can be redeveloped as a residential project with a plot of 8 times. The face is about 36.64 million square meters.