42% off Green House, Licui Court, King, 3.06 million 7 bamboo shoots, there are millions of people to find the first phase of 50,000 can get on the train

42% off Green House, Licui Court, King, 3.06 million 7 bamboo shoots, there are millions of people to find the first phase of 50,000 can get on the train

The subsidized sale of housing projects, which are regarded as “great lucky draws", have entered the building selection process. The Housing Authority (hereinafter referred to as the Housing Authority) Green Forms Homes Scheme (hereinafter referred to as Green House) is the first estate in Cheung Sha Wan. The court will start picking up the building next Thursday (28th). The price list of all 2,545 gangs was released yesterday. Among them, 7 mini units with a usable area of ​​less than 200 square meters, the price is less than 1 million yuan, the most flat is located at 1 The unit of the building, priced at 932,500 yuan, the first phase of about 46,600 yuan can get on the train; the highest price of “Lou Wang" is a large unit to the east of high-rise, the price of 3,062,100 yuan. Some successful bidders admitted that the property prices of private buildings are difficult to afford, and it is expected to purchase green residential units with larger areas.

The most expensive unit for sale

This year, Green House is a public housing estate with 245 to 452 square feet of 184 to 452 square feet at 608 Lai Chi Kok Road, Cheung Sha Wan. It is priced at $42.25 million to $306.21 million.

The Housing Authority announced the price list of the building and all the units yesterday. The highest selling “Royal King" unit was finally exposed. It belongs to a 38-story, 7-story, 7-story, practical area of ​​450 square meters. It is estimated that the room can be divided into two-bedroom units. It is estimated that there is an opportunity to look at the Lion Rock landscape. The unit sells for RMB 306,200, and the price is RMB 6,805. It is calculated based on the 95% mortgage of the green meter unit. The first phase will cost about RMB 153,100. Assume that the above-mentioned building unit has a 90% mortgage, with a contribution period of 25 years. The current mortgage interest rate is generally about 2.375%, and the monthly contribution is about 12,868 yuan.

Among the more than 2,500 units, 7 of them are sold for less than 1 million yuan, but the total number is 184 to 187 square meters. The 1 to 2 floor very low-rise open-plan units sell for 932,500 to 993,300 yuan. The price is 5068 to 5404 yuan.

The most flat households are worth 5,068 yuan per week or noise

The price of Room 16 on the 1st floor of Block 3 is the lowest in the whole estate. The practical area is 184 square feet. The price is 932,500 yuan and the price is 5,068 yuan. Based on the above assumption of 90% mortgage, the first phase only needs 46,600 yuan. The monthly contribution is only 3,919 yuan, but the unit is close to the elevator lobby of the station. The unit looks northwest, and the basketball court and the public play area are aligned outside the window. The residents in the future may be affected by noise. Due to the need to reduce noise, etc., some of the units are equipped with acoustic fins on the outer wall, and some of the two units and three individual units are fixed windows, which cannot be modified or removed by the owner. The Housing Authority also pointed out that some units in the estate may look at the Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Cemetery.

The Housing Authority will arrange for the successful bidders to pick up the flats from Thursday. The Tsui Tsui Court has received more than 40聽000 applications and about 16 people have competed for one flat. About two of them have become one-person applicants. 2,545 units will be reserved for family-owned elderly applicants, most of them will be other family applicants, and the last 250 places will be reserved for one-person applicants.

The Green Home Sales Team at the Kwun Tong Kin Sing Plaza yesterday, the lucky winners of the “Pull Winning", went to obtain the information on the Licui Court. Ms. Chan, who was the first to draw the number, said that the “private building is expensive and the burden is on the rise". It is expected to purchase more than 400 square feet for about $3 million to describe the price as “good and reasonable.