Taikoo City 3 bedroom top floor Instant price increase million

Taikoo City 3 bedroom top floor Instant price increase million

The US Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged and expected no interest rate hikes this year. The small owners immediately reversed the price. The 3rd floor of Taikoo City in Quarry Bay had even the roof of the owner, and immediately increased the price by 1 million yuan to challenge the new high of the same-type property price.

Zhong Hong Real Estate senior regional business director Zhao Hongyun pointed out that many owners are afraid of “selling flats" and choose to increase the price of water. The top floor of Haixing Pavilion in Taikoo City has a ceiling of 662 square feet and a space of 3 rooms. The original price is 16.5 million. Yuan, yesterday, immediately increased the price by 1 million yuan, with a price of 17.5 million yuan, an increase of 6%, the price per square baht is 26,435 yuan, and challenged the same family property price. Looking up the record, one of the same-family units does not have a rooftop unit. The F-room of the satellite cabinet in the middle of the building last year was 14.18 million yuan, which was a high-priced record of the type at that time.

Leading 3 rooms increase 12%, called 9.5 million

Secondly, the E-room of the upper level of Yitiange in Taikoo City has a usable area of ​​714 square feet, with a asking price of 16.3 million yuan, a price increase of 500,000 yuan, and a price of RMB 16.8 million. The price is 23,529 yuan.

As for the Tseung Kwan O District, which has recorded more than 200 second-hand transactions this month, the transaction rate is unchanged, and the owners are more worried. Among them, there are 8 high-level LC rooms in the lead, with an area of ​​677 square feet and a three-bedroom interval. The original price is 850. Ten thousand yuan, the current price increase of 1 million yuan, with 9.5 million yuan on the plate, an increase of 12%.

In addition, there are 13 middle-level connected households in Lehuju, Jiahu Mountain Villa, Tianshuiwei, with an area of ​​1,102 square feet. The original price was 11 million yuan, and the price was 13 million yuan. The increase was about 18%.

In addition, the price building has accelerated, and it has broken through the 6 million yuan property price level that can be used to build high-value mortgages. There is a 7-room middle floor of Block H, Xingang City, Ma’anshan, with an area of ​​363 square feet and 2 houses with a total area of ​​6.28 million yuan. Looking up the record, the same unit was built in August last year, the cost was 6.38 million yuan, showing that the latest transaction price is close to last year’s high.

The CVI’s latest CVI index (main bank) reported 87.24 points, up 3.78 points per week, reflecting the bank’s optimistic and aggressive valuation of the property, which is conducive to the steady rise in property prices.