Estimated decline but rebounded Lin Zheng worried about the property market

Estimated decline but rebounded Lin Zheng worried about the property market

The chief executive Lin Zhengyue also estimated that the property market would be lowered two months ago. However, she unexpectedly stopped falling and rose. She was worried about this yesterday. According to the Hong Kong Government, Lin Zheng’s attitude is obvious. He hopes that property prices will fall and he is disappointed with the current situation.

If you fail to deal with the housing problem, it is not a good leader.

On January 22, Lin Zheng said that Hong Kong property prices have dropped by about 10% since the July high, and it is estimated that there is still room for adjustment. But yesterday, Lin Zheng pointed out at the Bloomberg Forum that property prices began to fall by about 9 to 10% in August last year. She fell back in the first two months of this year, which worried her.

Since affordability is an important thing for the public, Hong Kong’s only solution to a free economy is to increase the role and function of the government. She also frankly understands that she would not be a good chief executive if she could not effectively deal with housing problems.

She also mentioned that the Government has fully accepted the Land Supply Task Force’s proposal to increase land supply in a multi-pronged manner and called on political parties to support the plan to reclamation of artificial islands and increase land.

In fact, the international trend of Sino-US trade wars has been unpredictable in the past few months, and has had a great impact on the global stock market and investment environment. Lin Zheng estimated the wrong property market trend at the beginning of this year. The Financial Secretary Chen Maobo formulated the budget at the end of last year. It is also more pessimistic about the economic outlook. It has set the tone for “supporting enterprises and ensuring employment." After the economic situation improved, the strength of the Budget’s final “support" was also reduced accordingly.

The source said that Lin Zheng attaches great importance to the public’s affordability to the property market. When she talked about the property market on January 22, she pointed out that Hong Kong’s home purchase power index, that is, the ratio of contributions to the public’s income, has reached 70%. 40%, there is still room for adjustment in Hong Kong property prices.

Actively develop the brownfield research and announce it soon

The so-called 40% of the people’s affordability indicators, there were comments at the time to marvel: if you want to reach the standard, the property price must fall more than 50%! In fact, the indicator in Lin Zhengkou only refers to the decoupling of the selling price from the private housing market price under the new subsidized housing pricing mechanism. Regardless of the green home, HOS or Hong Kong people’s first home buyers, the target families are “affordable” and “Affordable", the general contribution will not exceed 40% of the relevant household income.

The Government has just announced the financial estimates and design of the Lantau Project tomorrow, and strives for the Legislative Council to conduct a preliminary study through the $550 million grant. It is understood that the Hong Kong Government’s research on the development of brownfields will soon be announced, that is, the analysis of the distribution and use of brownfields, and the use of specially designed multi-storey industrial buildings in the development of brownfields to absorb the feasibility of some operations on brownfields. Sex.