More horrible than cancer, high-priced Hong Kong disease

More horrible than cancer, high-priced Hong Kong disease

CB Richard Ellis’ Global Life Report: City Guide, published last Friday, means that private housing prices in Hong Kong continue to be globally expensive! Hong Kong property prices are mad, it is no longer news, but it also occupies an important part of the major media of the day, without him, just because Hong Kong people still want to know, Hong Kong property prices can be at any level!

The report said that the average residential property price in Hong Kong is equivalent to HK$9.63 million, with an average price of up to HK$16,300. The average price is nearly double that of Singapore, which ranks second.

As for Hong Kong’s residential rents, it ranks third in the world. The monthly rent is 21,799 yuan, second only to New York and Abu Dhabi. Today, at the Hong Kong Sixth Lottery Awards, in case there are a few notes, you can’t buy a building at any time!

Full distortion of the humanity on board

These figures have made me think that Hong Kong is ill, and it is a unique “Hong Kong disease". The root cause of this virus comes from three words: “high property prices"!

What is the symptom of this “Hong Kong disease"? The six parents do not recognize, there is a building to have love, marriage is to separate, want to live and dare to live, poor hereditary system, social grievances increase! These all are all due to “high property prices" and bring a unique “Hong Kong disease" to Hong Kong. The lethality of this disease is more terrifying and far-reaching than the cancer cells!

“Today, I finally bought the first floor of my life in Kwun Tong. I struggled for 3 years, 5.8 million in one stroke, and borrowed from the bank. I believe that as long as you work hard, you can! Sometimes you will force your parents, you will always know the channel. Buried a few dollars!" This is a netizen who wrote a history of so-called bloody tears on his Facebook! After reading it, will there be a feeling of “I want to laugh but can’t laugh?" I am thinking that this so-called struggling person, whether he struggled for three years to force his parents to take out a lifetime of hard-earned money can buy a house?

I can’t know exactly what this online post is really true and false? It is still just a promotion strategy to attract discussion. However, there have indeed been some malformations in the community. In order to avoid the recognition of the six parents, or the social tragedy of “having money and buildings to have family." Let me arbitrarily list some ridiculous news headlines: “Father control the sale of the building to change the lock is ruthless, the son cuts the white: it is the father’s greed", “the sale of the ancestral home failed, the prostitute shot and killed the elders, one death and three injuries", these The news is really ridiculous to an extreme! As for the news of the forced separation of parents for the floor, it is not uncommon. Why is Hong Kong so poisoned today? For the floor, you can disregard the six parents and the humanity is completely distorted!

The middle-aged re-use can’t live well.

Then everyone saw some newlyweds, and they continued to live in their parents’ homes after marriage, and they were able to put down a double bed in the face of the more and more thin, but more expensive. In this kind of living environment, or in the environment of newly married, that is, to be separated, Hong Kong’s newlyweds, who dare or who can give birth to the next generation!

In this strangely distorted environment, even the middle-class people who are professional and re-employed can’t get on the bus. On the contrary, the new generation who can “get on the bus with their father" has become a group that wins at the starting line. The society only relies on speculation to survive, and it is no longer an environment where the people can live and be able to go up. When this society becomes rich or poor, it becomes a hereditary system. Is there still hope in this society? Is this crazy high property price a blessing or a curse?