Reconstruction of the price of the price

Reconstruction of the price of the price

After a half-year adjustment period, the residential property prices in Hong Kong will be re-launched. As property prices have rebounded significantly in a short period of time, the market has returned to worry and buy more expensive fears, so that prospective buyers are eager to enter the market, and there is no shortage of price-tracking transactions, driving the price of fine-priced buildings to climb again.

Extremely fast rebound, worrying about buying more expensive mentality

According to the statistics of the Official Rating and Valuation Department, as of February this year, the private property price index was the latest at 365.2 points, up 1.33% month-on-month, the largest increase since the previous month’s monthly increase of 2.01%. The property price index rose 1.6% in two months, 7.5% lower than the historical high in July last year.

As for the CCL, which reflects the second-hand property price trend, the city’s leading index CCL, as of last Friday (12th) reported 180.16 points, rose by 0.37% per week, rising for 9 consecutive weeks, with a cumulative increase of 6%, only a difference of 4.5% from last year’s historical high.

Property prices rebounded in a short period of time, which made prospective buyers worry about buying more expensive later. In the rush, they pursued the price; the price of the market was short, and the buyer only had the best price. The property price was relatively low. The unit with the same fine area has led to a sharp rise in the price of the car on the price.

430 According to the data of the Rating and Valuation Department as of February, the property price index was upwards in all five categories according to the unit area; among the fine units with a usable area of ​​less than 430 square feet, the property price index rose by 1.65% month-on-month. Outperform the big market.

As a result, in the past two-day transactions on Saturday and Sunday, the market and the transaction price of the boarding estates were both leading. Among them, the first car park in Sha Tin and the Kingswood Villas in Tin Shui Wai were respectively worth more than $20,000 and over 1.3. Ten thousand yuan, the creation of a new high this year.

When the boarding units of large housing estates are gradually absorbed, the next step will be second- and third-line housing estates. The next target is a relatively low-water single property, which will be extended to HOS flats and public housing estates. Under the chain effect, the second-hand property prices are pushed up step by step, which is almost the highest in history.