Hang Seng Index 703 points higher, turnover 100 billion 3 weeks

Hang Seng Index 703 points higher, turnover 100 billion 3 weeks

The heads of state of China and the United States will hold the “Study Conference" during the G20 summit next week, and the comments made by ECB President Draghi “Dwelling Pigeons" will stimulate the global stock market to make a good start. The Hang Seng Index opened 726 points to 28224 points with the external rift yesterday. It was already a full-day high. The early gains narrowed slightly to 523 points, and then widened again and narrowed. The Hang Seng Index closed at 703 points (2.56%), closing at 28,202 points, the biggest increase in more than 7 months, and regaining 250 antennas (27,658 points) known as the dividing line between the bulls and bears, and smashing 1084 points for 3 consecutive days, see 1 Month high. The H-Share Index rose 257 points (2.45%) yesterday to close at 10,764 points. The main board turnover was 105.1 billion yuan, the most active in more than three weeks.

At 1:58 am, the Hang Seng Index reported 28,110 points, down 36 points, and low water 92 points. The ADR Hong Kong stock index was 28,085 points, down 117 points from Hong Kong.

With the Hong Kong stocks opening sharply, a large number of bear certificates were massacred. The Hang Seng Index saw 28224 points in the early session and broke through several HSI bears heavy cargo areas in one breath. According to the issuer’s information, the HSI bears the price of 28199, which is equivalent to more than 5,000 short-term positions, due to the issuer. The rush to close the position has become the driving force for the promotion of Hong Kong stocks.

Yesterday, 1,200 (nearly 70%) Hong Kong stocks rose. Among the constituent stocks of the HSI, only Shenhua (01088) fell. AIA (01299) and Tencent (00700) both rose about 4%, each contributing more than 100 points to the HSI. Increase.

The risk of trade wars was moderated, and mobile phone equipment stocks rebounded sharply. Haoyu (02382) soared to the top of the blue chip. Gao Wei Electronics (01415), Qiu Ti Technology (01478) and BYD Electronics (00285) increased by 6.5% to approximately 8%. Export stocks returned to Yong, Wanzhou (00288) and Chuangke (00669) rose about half, and Minhua (01999) nearly 15%. Dahe believes that the stronger the Chinese brokerage stocks, the more positive the industry outlook, the preferred CITIC Securities (06030), the stock price benefited 6.4%.

The special meeting will look at 28500

The mainland stock market also improved, the Shanghai stock index rose 27 points (1%), closed at 2917 points, and even rose 3 days to close 2900 points. Shenzhen Component Index rose 121 points (1.4%) to close at 8,925 points. The transactions between the two cities surged by 50% to 504 billion yuan. Foreign capital bought a net A$4.92 billion A-share yesterday, the most since last Tuesday, and it was a net instalment for three consecutive days. On the contrary, Beishui broke the cable for the seventh consecutive day. Mainland investors sold a net of 310 million yuan yesterday through the “Hong Kong Stock Connect".

Xiong Liping, managing director of Dingcheng Securities, pointed out that the HSI has rebounded by more than a thousand points in recent days. I believe that there is still room for pushing up, and it is not excluded to test 28,500 points in the short term. She also believes that the Hang Seng Index closed at a relatively high level yesterday, reflecting that investors are not eager to rebound and stockpiling. However, if the market continues to rise, it is likely to be under pressure, with 27,500 points or support.

UOB Kay Hian executive director Liang Weiyuan believes that the trade talks will have difficult results in the short term, but the market tends to be optimistic. The HSI has a chance to see 28,500 points.