Leading the exhibition to move the headquarters

Leading the exhibition to move the headquarters

The headquarters of the Link Exhibition (00823) will move into the new office this month. Since the current site has been in use for more than ten years, many employees have accumulated a certain amount of debris. The company then invites a professional storage division to teach colleagues to apply storage. Office management, hoping to reduce the time required for relocation and transportation costs, and thereby improve the efficiency of employees.

The market research agency IDC report pointed out that office clutter caused employees to waste time searching for documents every day, reducing the actual working hours and directly reducing work efficiency. Lin Cuijun, a storage clerk with the qualification of the professional storage certification of the Japan Storage and Certification Association, said that many wage earners are used to keeping all kinds of sundries in the office, thinking that they will be used all day long, and they are used to “seeing the place", and the desk becomes There is no chaos and insufficient office space.

It is indeed difficult to clean up a pile of old debris. To do “painless finishing", Lin Cuijun suggested that before you start to organize, you should first imagine your ideal working space, aim at it, then clean up all the items and divide them. It is divided into four categories: paper, sundries, food, and souvenirs. Finally, the order is from the paper, one by one to think about whether the future is useful, only one item of the same kind, the goal is to leave only the items that are really “need".

Lin Cuijun immediately demonstrated that the desk of one of the employees of the exhibition was “big change". It took only 30 minutes to wipe out the unnecessary debris in the seat and restore it to a neat work space.

Make good use of technology, start with paperless

Guan Kailin, general manager of corporate development and strategy at Link Asset Management Ltd., said that the company will introduce different sustainability policies and start paperless from the source, such as the new spreadsheet system, in addition to avoiding the daily consumption of large amounts of paper printing. In addition, because many documents require multiple people to verify and verify, the system also eliminates the hassle of manual transfer between colleagues. In conjunction with the use of the cloud, it is expected to reduce paper consumption and save time and convenience.

Although actively encouraging colleagues to “break away", Guan Kailin believes that each colleague has his own style of work, and the level of cleanliness does not fully reflect a person’s actual working ability, nor does it affect his perception of it.