Dawn 45.02 million Low market price 27%

Dawn 45.02 million Low market price 27%

The prospects of the property market are unclear. Some celebrities will first reduce the property in their hands. The “Liantan King" Dawn [Picture] holds a house for about 10 years in Yulin Imperial Palace, and the price has been reduced by nearly 10 million yuan for about one year. 45.50 million yuan changed hands, selling more than 27% over the market price.

According to the news, the Yulinhuangfu Senma Stone Trail single-family house has a usable area of ​​4048 square meters. Last year, it was sold for 55 million yuan. The accumulated price reduction was 9.98 million yuan (about 18.1%). Recently, it was used by local users for 45.02 million yuan. Purchased, the price of 11122 yuan. According to the information, the above address is held by SOUTHERN RIVER LIMITED. The company’s director is Peng Yuquan, who is the assistant of Dawn. It is known that the actual owner is Dawn himself. In 2009, he bought it for 35 million yuan, and earned 100,200 yuan for the book. About 28.6%).

Yulin Huangfu’s transaction in the same area was in the same room as the Senma Stone Trail. In April this year, Shi Jianhui’s son Shi Binghui’s son Shi Bingzhen took over 61.8 million yuan, reflecting that the price of Dawn was 17.78 million yuan lower. (about 27.2%).

Victoria Harbour complex 38.8 million double broken top

In fact, Dawn or related parties used to buy and sell properties through the above-mentioned companies in the past, including the purchase of $269.11 million in 1995 to buy the old homes in Room B of the High Floor of Happy Valley Park in Happy Valley. The goods were sold to $45 million in 2009. The book earned a total of 18.89 million yuan (about 67.2%), and purchased the aforementioned Royal Forest House in the same year. In 1996, the company also bought a low-rise room A, 4th floor, Dijingshan, Jingzhongshan, for 21 million yuan. In 1998, it was sold for 23.8 million yuan, earning 2.8 million yuan (about 13.3%).

In addition, the second-hand market has seen frequent property transactions in recent months. The Victoria Harbour in Tai Kok Tsui has also recorded a “double break" transaction. Huang Jiaquan, the chief divisional business manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that the 8 penthouses with a saleable area of ​​1367 square feet are separated by 3 bedrooms. It was purchased by the user for $38.8 million and the price was 28,383 yuan. Both the property price and the price of the property broke the record of the estate. The original owner bought in 7.6 million yuan in 2003, and the book profit was 31.2 million yuan (about 4.1 times).

According to the news, Fanling Yiyi has a high-rise D-room Phoenix floor open-plan unit with a practical area of ​​235 square meters, with a total price of RMB 4.38 million and a price of 18,638 yuan, setting a new high for the standard tiered households in the estate. The original owner retired in the market in 2016 with a total investment of 1.177 million yuan, earning 1.03 million yuan (about 37.9%).