New plate big house bidding bucket high price

Developers take advantage of the stock market boom, competing to push high prices house to grab customers. Sun Hung Kai Properties (00016) Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Cannes Jinhai, within the launch of the auction has been retained characteristics of the mansion, including Tianchi House, etc., expected a new high price of the project. Cheung Kong Group (01113) plans to sell the Hung Hom Victoria Harbor, a four-storey house on a single tender basis, with a market value of over $ 900 million.

Xin Tian agent Chen Hanlin said, Jinhai 1A, 53 Floor, Room A Tianchi House, the practical area of ​​1,132 square feet, the largest area of ​​the project unit, rooftop area of ​​920 square feet, with a private massage pool. (He Junxuan photo)

Deputy director of the new agency Chen Hanlin means that Jinhai sales ideal, of which 20 sets of special households have never launched a single price, tend to tender for sale, the first day to push two groups, including Tianchi and the top four-bedroom platform characteristics of households, prices and Fare price per capita hit a new high.

Jinhai II is available for sale on Sunday

He said that the above-mentioned Jinhai 20 gangs, including the project only to provide five groups of Tianchi House, which 1A 1A, 53 Floor, Room A Tianchi House, the practical area of ​​1,132 square feet, the largest area of ​​the project unit, rooftop area of ​​920 square feet, with Private jacuzzi. He also said that Jinhai II ticket response ideal, a good opportunity to issue a day of sales arrangements and Sunday sale. As for the Jinhai 4 trading group has not progress units have increased by up to about 6%. Market expected, Jinhai II temporarily over 1,000 votes.

Victoria Harbor Star Bank yesterday recorded high-priced transactions, the three-storey 31st floor B room four rooms mansion, the practical area of ​​1,328 square feet, the transaction price of 55.52 million yuan, the practical price of 41,807 yuan. Evergreen real estate investment director Guo Zewei said that the project only 1 group of high-level units for sale, in response to the current market conditions, to be short-term increase, the increase will be more than 10%.

As for the project nine constellation villas, he said the demonstration unit will be completed in the short term, is expected to open to customers next month to visit. In response to the recent increase in the purchase of property to large customers, it does not rule out a single tender will be fully sold nine houses.

My Central receives 700 votes

The bookstore shows that the usable area of ​​the shore villa is between 2,196 and 2,235 square feet and the garden area is 796 to 1,393 square feet. The market estimates that the price of the house is similar to that of the project, and the highest price is over $ 50,000. That is, the market value of each group will be $ 100 million. The total value will be over $ 900 million. Victoria Harbor has already surpassed $ 9 billion.

As for the same department on the ring My Central, Cheung Kong Group Assistant Manager (business) He Jiaxin said the project on Friday opened 80 groups, including 25 pairs of two rooms and 55 three-bedroom units, the market price of about 2.7 billion yuan, two Room admission unit for the 6th floor of the C room, discount price of 17.731 million yuan, folding real estate price of 26,307 yuan. The project will be cut on Thursday, the market as of last year has recorded more than 700 tickets, over-subscription more than 7 times. And the project demonstration unit has recorded about 8,000 visitors.

He said that the first round of sales on Friday will be divided into three stages, A group of buyers for the intention to buy one or more “adjacent property portfolio", that is, with the adjacent units, or two or more three households. And Group B buyers need to buy at least one group of three households and a group of two, C group buyers at least buy a group.