Ten major housing estates for two days, four transactions

The trading atmosphere in the second-hand private property market was weak. The top ten housing estates in Central Plains recorded 4 transactions in the past two days (13th and 14th). Since July, there have been fewer than 10 transactions in the 15th consecutive weekend. The top ten housing estates in the United States property statistics recorded only one sale, from the Ap Lei Chau Peninsula in Ap Lei Chau, and the remaining nine estates were “heavy".

Zhongyuan Real Estate only recorded 4 transactions. Chen Xuming, the business manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate Division, said that there were 3 rooms in the low-rise H room of Block 3 of Yingwan Park in Tung Chung. The utility area was 956 square meters. It was originally released for 9.5 million yuan and was only released for 5 days. After the buyer negotiated the price, the unit was sold for 8.96 million yuan, the price was reduced by 540,000 yuan (about 5.7%). The cost of the similar unit fell by about 5.7% in one month. The price of the price was 9,372 yuan, which was the lowest price of the house in the past six months. In 2002, the original owner bought the unit with 3.138 million yuan, holding the goods for 16 years, earning 5.822 million yuan in book value, and appreciating 1.86 times.

Yingwan Park made 8.9 million monthly decline of 6%

Other second-hand housing estates also have low-priced transactions. Yang Wenjie, the chief division manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate, pointed out that there is a 5th floor in the middle floor of Block E of Kangjing Garden in Quarry Bay. The utility area is 561 square meters, with 3 rooms spaced, and the market is about one month. The asking price is 8.8 million yuan. The price was reduced to 8 million yuan, and finally dropped by 220,000 yuan (about 2.8%). It was sold at 7.78 million yuan, and the accumulated reduction was 1.02 million yuan (about 11.6%). The property price returned to the level of May last year; 13868 yuan. The original owner bought the unit for 4.55 million yuan in 2012, holding the goods for about 6 years, and the book profit was 3.23 million yuan or 71%.