Home Ownership Price Reduction Hong King Garden sold 6%

The “Policy Report" proposed to increase the supply of subsidized housing. The HOS market was immediately frustrated. A 3-bedroom unit in Diamond Hill Hongjing Garden, one of the most popular HOS flats in the city, just changed hands with an unpaid land price of 6.08 million yuan. A similar high price was sold about 6% a month ago.

Lin Chengrong, director of Fucheng Real Estate, said that the high-rise room B of the 1st floor of the Magnificent Garden of the Diamond Hill Homes, 572 square meters, 3 rooms, the original unpaid land price is 6.38 million yuan, and the final price is 300,000 yuan, to 6.08 million yuan. The price is 10,629 yuan.

The similar units hit a new high in May this year, with five high-rise H rooms, practical 574 square meters, with an unpaid land price of 6.5 million yuan, and a price of 11,324 yuan, a difference of about 6% in 5 months.

Zhaokangyuan has a price of 700,000 yuan

Cheung Yip Estate Gu Wenbin said that the second floor of the Ogata Court, Block 4, Sui Kung Court, Tuen Mun, is a practical 414 sq ft. In July, the asking price was 4.8 million yuan, and the final reduction was 700,000 yuan or 14.6%. The transaction, the actual price of 9,903 yuan. In 2007, the owner bought the land premium of 608,000 yuan, holding the goods for 11 years, and earning 3.492 million yuan or 5.7 times.

The same low-rise 6-room, the same practical area is 414 square meters. In August this year, it was sold at 4.5 million yuan. The unit was sold flat for 400,000 yuan or 8.9% two months ago.