The new disk weekend is only 112 groups. LP6 alone accounts for nearly 90%.

The first weekend after the release of the new policy address, a total of 112 people were sold in the primary market. The sales were slightly cold, and the market focus was on LP6 and Haiao Bay. LP6 made the fourth round of sales on Saturday. The LP6 four-wheeled sales totaled 1530 gangs, accounting for 64% of all units. Last week, the project was the worst since the official launch, and still sold 98 gangs. Even so, LP6 has accounted for nearly 90% of the new market, and has completely abandoned other new ones.

The Tseung Kwan O LP6 led by Nanfeng was in the fourth round of sales on Saturday. The developer said that 98 people were listed today, accounting for less than 20% of the 491 people in this round of sales. LP6 also easily won the top of the new sales last weekend, the sales were significantly off the other new disk, the sales volume accounted for about 88% of the total, the other including the new disk only recorded a single digit sales.

As for Jiujian (034)’s Yau Tong Hai Yao Bay, which started its first round of sales last Friday, a total of 130 people were involved, 32 of which were sold by tender. According to market news, the project sold 39 people on the first day of the sale, only 30% of the sales; 3 people sold on the weekend, that is, 42 people were sold as of last night.

It is worth mentioning that the first-hand market will have a new disk to join the battle group, including the Yuen Long Lang Shing and the Tuen Mun Choi Wah. Hua Wei said that Langchenghui has obtained pre-sale consents for the pre-sales, and will start selling as soon as possible tomorrow and will start selling next Friday. The first round will launch no less than 144 people. Chuangshi China’s string sea has also taken pre-sale paper and uploaded the building book. The developer said that it will open the price and open the demonstration unit in a short period of time. The project provides a total of 371 units.