Kaihui second phase received 900 votes, excess 1.66 times, pushed 130 groups, two batches of 338 households sold on Sunday

Kaihui second phase received 900 votes, excess 1.66 times, pushed 130 groups, two batches of 338 households sold on Sunday

The Kwun Tong Kaihui market led by Xinji (00083) responded enthusiastically. The first two rounds of sales have achieved good results. The developer just issued the second 208th price list on Tuesday, and pushed a new one yesterday. 130 sets of price orders, the average price of the discounted price increased to 18,988 yuan, 5.4% higher than the first batch, the developer and all the first two price lists a total of 338 people on Sunday (23rd) for the first round of sales, the project yesterday Since the re-invoice, the market news said that the first day recorded more than 900 votes, over-purchasing 1.66 times.

Folding price 18988 admission fee 7.3 million

Kaihui second phase yesterday pushed the second price list, involving 130 people, the practical area of ​​380 to 962 square feet, the average price of the real price of 18,988 yuan, compared with the previous price list, the average price of 18,008 yuan, increase 5.4%. The flattest unit of the batch is 3 rooms, G room, 15th floor, 1 square room with 380 square meters of practical use, the entrance fee is 730,280 yuan, and the price is 19,218 yuan. The most expensive price is 5 rooms, 29th floor, room A, practical area. 962 Fang Hao, for the 3 bedroom and suites separated, the discount is 18,577,300 yuan, and the price is 19,312 yuan.

The developer said that 130 people were pushed yesterday. As the unit is on a higher floor, you can enjoy a better view. Therefore, the price is only slightly increased by 1% to 1.25%. The project issued a sales arrangement yesterday, launching two batches of 338 people on Sunday for sale, and Saturday (22nd) at 2 pm.

In the second phase of Kaihui, the average price of 130 pairs of discounts was 18,988 yuan. Although it is the most expensive price list in Kaihui, the price list shows that the highest unit of the price is 3, 38 and 39 floors. Room D, the saleable area is the same as 449 square meters. The discounted price is the same as RMB 9.2315 million. The discounted price is RMB 20,560. It is also the highest price in the second phase of the launch, but it has not exceeded the first two. The price of the M room on the 46th floor is 20,954 yuan, so the whole unit price is believed to be still acceptable in the market. In addition, the developer updated the first price list yesterday, and reduced the discount on the standby one-click payment method from 3.75% and 5.75% to 3.25% and 5.25%, but the maximum discount remained unchanged at 20.5%.

User accounts for 80% Tian Zhaoyuan: strong commitment

Tian Zhaoyuan, the co-director of the company’s sales department, said that the first phase of the sales of the first phase of Kaihui said that the first phase of the sale of 871 gangs through two rounds of sales, the overall average transaction price of about 18,400 yuan, short-term cash out of more than 10.6 billion yuan It reflects the strong market acceptance, buyers still account for a large proportion of users, accounting for about 80%, investors only account for about 20%. The project will then push the second phase of the sale and re-invoice. According to market news, the second issue of Kaihui temporarily recorded more than 900 votes on the first day of the previous day, with 338 buddies sold in the first round and over 1.66 times. The second phase of Kaihui, located at No. 33 Xiehe Street, offers 974 people with a saleable area of ​​333 to 1502 square meters. It is expected to be completed by the end of April 2021.

On the other hand, the developer has just implemented a new batch of tendering units for the sale of a new batch of tendering units, involving more than $100 million. The project also added a new case for Court B. Room F, 12th Floor, Block 1, calculated at a transaction price of 11.291 million yuan, and the buyer lost about 564,455 yuan.