The overall commercial building is now negatively absorbed

The overall commercial building is now negatively absorbed.

Jones Lang LaSalle announced the latest “Hong Kong Real Estate Market Watch" report pointed out that the overall office leasing market recorded a negative net absorption of 58.80 million yuan in November.

The report pointed out that the renting of the office market in Central is sluggish. Although only a small amount of vacant floor space has been re-entered into the rental market, the demand for leasing has slowed down, making the floor to be rented out more than rented (ie negative absorption). the amount). At present, the floor available for rent in Central is still limited to the floor that is about to expire and has been leased out. There are not many choices. Therefore, the large-scale rental transaction recorded last month was for the rent of half-floor of the Chater House in Central. It only covers 9200 square meters. Although the market experienced negative absorption, the overall office market rents rose by 0.3% month-on-month, but the growth rate slowed down.

In respect of the sale and purchase transaction, Qingjian International (01240) purchased 200 private cars on the 8th floor of Phase 3 of Kowloon Bay Enterprise Plaza for RMB 200 million, with a construction area of approximately RMB 159,900 and a price of RMB 127.79 million. Deng Juming, the former owner of Taizi Jewelry Watch and Clock, bought it for 159 million yuan in 2017, and his book profit was 41 million yuan, an increase of 25.8%.