Gaoyin Kaide’s sub-standard only lost 6.4%

Gaoyin Kaide’s sub-standard only lost 6.4%

The joint venture between Pan Supong, chairman of Gaoyin Group, and its subsidiary, Gaoyin Finance (00530), respectively, holds 40% and 60% of the shares. In the middle of last month, it won a residential site at No. 4, Area 4B, Kowloon East, with a value of nearly RMB 8.907 billion. After the transaction was completed, the Lands Department announced the price of the six selected consortiums yesterday. The highest bid was 8.339 billion yuan, 6.4% lower than the winning bid price. Face price) 14509 yuan.

Two selected consortiums bid more than 14,000 each

The industry believes that the developers have already mastered the land price in Kai Tak District. It is estimated that the price of the 2nd floor residential site (No. 4B2) in Kai Tak, Area 4B, in the same district on Friday (21st) will be about 14,000 to 1.55 million. The valuation is about 8.32 billion to 9.21 billion yuan.

Covering an area of ​​about 104,497 square meters of 4B4 land, the total floor area is about 577.733 million square meters, and Pan Sutong and other companies beat the New World (00017) and the Wheelock Real Estate led consortium with a total of 8.9067857 billion yuan, and the floor 呎The price is about 15,497 yuan.

The Lands Department announced the bids of six selected consortiums in an anonymous manner yesterday. The price of the two bidders was over 14,000 yuan. The bid price was 8.339 billion yuan and 8.051 billion yuan respectively, which was about 6.4% lower than the winning bid price. 9.6%; another consortium entered the standard with 7.542 billion yuan, which was about 15.3% lower than the winning bid price. As for the consortium with the lowest bid, the entry price is only 4.18 billion yuan, only 46.9% of the price offered by the Pan Sutong Finance Group [table].

Zhang Zhichu, a senior surveyor, believes that the bid price of the 4B4 land is not far from the bid of the selected consortium. It is estimated that the price of the 4B2 land for the cross-cutting on Friday is also very close. However, due to the lack of landscape and other 4B4 land, the estimated floor price is about 1.45. Ten thousand yuan, the land price is about 8.61 billion yuan. According to the data, the site area of ​​the 4B2 land is about 97.393 million square meters, and the floor area can be built up to 539,087 square meters.