Zheng Yue was approved for leave before the government denied the shelter

Zheng Yue was approved for leave before the government denied the shelter

The Secretary for Justice, Mr Andrew Cheng, has not seen the film in the past few days. The Chairman of the Legislative Council Panel on Administration of Justice and Legal Affairs, Mr Leung Mei-fun, said yesterday that he could not contact the other party. The Government confirmed that as early as the Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue said on Saturday (15th) that Zheng Ruoxuan was “willing to respond", the latter had already started his vacation until the 27th of this month. However, the Chief Executive’s Office Director, Mr Kwok Kwok-ki, revealed that Mr Lam had approved Mr Cheng to take a leave “early a month ago" and stressed that Zheng was not “sheltered" by the controversy.

A spokesman for the Department of Justice confirmed that Zheng Ruoxuan had been on holiday since last Saturday and that the Government has not gazetted that the regular arrangements of the other Secretaries are not applicable to the Secretary for Justice, but the other party may authorize the Legal Officers to perform relevant Statutory duties; if a particular commissioner is not authorized to perform a specific duty, the Legal Policy Commissioner and Senior Counsel, Wong Wai-chung, may perform the specific duties under section 7 of the Legal Officers Ordinance. The Department of Justice will make the corresponding statutory arrangements.

Liang Meifen pointed out that he could not contact Zheng

On the first day of his vacation, Mrs Lam told the media that if the community wanted to know more about the prosecution of the UGL incident, Mr Leung Chun-ying said, “I believe that the Secretary for Justice will be very willing to respond later"; however, Mr Chan clarified his remarks as " “Generally speaking the law", I don’t think it means that she “hopes or agrees or asks" Zheng Ruoxuan’s explanation, because the other party “has decided whether or not it is enough to explain or not." He added that Lin Zheng “before a month ago" Approved her vacation, so Zheng Ruoxi was not “sheltered" because of the announcement.

Mr Leung reiterated in a radio programme yesterday that he had consulted with Mrs Cheng on the intention of attending the committee but could not contact the other party. The Legislative Council Member of the Legislative Council, Lin Zhuo Ting, who reported the UGL incident to the ICAC, believed that if Zheng Ruoxi decided to “take it to the top," Criticism is incredible and extremely irresponsible, and it is dereliction of duty.

Lin Zhuo Ting also revealed that according to his understanding, when Zheng Ruoxuan faced a number of members of the Independent Commission Against Corruption and the Advisory Committee on Corruption Reporting, why did he not seek independent opinions on the UGL incident, he simply repeated his statement and thought that she could not propose a persuasive committee member. And the legal grounds of the public.