Bank Grabs House Presses High Rate Interest Linked Deposit Discount

With the effect of new stocks, Hong Kong dollar interest rates have risen to a high level of more than nine years. At present, the H press used by the most people has a small effect on the contributions due to the generalized ceiling rate. However, some banks have rushed high-yield linked accounts to use deposits to offset the increase in expenditures for housing as incentives to rob customers.

New equity effect lifted interest rate rose to more than 9 years

As a result of the weakness of Hong Kong Hui, geopolitics, and the acquisition of new stocks by various stakeholders, Hong Kong dollar interest rates continued to rise for several days. The interest rate rose to 1.22% in the past month, which is a new high in the past nine years. The burden on the people’s mortgage payments has also increased. However, due to the current H-supplied by banks, there is generally a lock interest rate (currently between 2.05% and 2.15%), and the contributions are relatively minor.

In view of fierce mortgage competition and high interest rates, the cost of funds has increased. Many banks have been called down. There has been no recent interest rate cut. Instead, they have changed the cash rebates above and increased the interest rate of linked high-end accounts. By high deposits Interest rate, short-term can offset the mortgage payment.

At present, the vast majority of banks also offer high-interest-linked account discounts, although the restrictions are different. Among them, Wing Lung New’s upper limit on high-end deposit accounts ranges from the highest 50% to 60% in the whole period, which is 10% higher than that of traditional banks, but the concessionary amount is not more than RMB 20 million. ICBC (Asia), on the other hand, only sets a ceiling for the first year, which is set at 60%.

High interest account limit raised to 60% of balance

Some people in the banking industry pointed out that there are still several large-scale recruitment activities in the month, which will freeze large-market funds. Together with the monthly settlement factors, it is believed that the Hong Kong dollar interest rate will further increase, the spread will continue, and the bank balance system will continue to reach in June. There is an opportunity to reduce it to a level of between 20 billion and 30 billion yuan, or to speed up Hong Kong to start raising interest rates in the middle of the year. High-interest deposit accounts can help banks expand other forked sales, and many banks will adjust their attractors.

Assuming a contract of 3 million yuan, with a repayment period of 30 years and interest rate of 2.15%, if the landlord has a high-interest deposit linked account, it will accumulate 4,000 yuan per month. After the mortgage period is estimated, the savings interest income will reach 290,000 yuan. As a mortgage, more than 20% of the interest earned on an ordinary account (0.1% interest). In other words, owners have the ability to save money into high-interest accounts, earn more interest income and save more mortgage expenses.