Tai Wai Golden Lion made 17,400 new indicators Two rooms rose by 30% a year to outperform CCL

Hong Kong dollar interest rates continued to soar, and the one-month interbank interest rate (HIBOR) related to mortgage payments rose to a nearly 10-year high of more than 1 per cent yesterday. However, there was no “soft hand” for buyers to enter the market. The second-hand market recorded at least one day yesterday. 5 broken deals. A two-bedroom household in Dawei Golden Lion Garden was sold for about RMB17,400 per unit. This was a new indicator for the sale price of the housing estate, which was more than 33.5% more expensive than similar units in one year. It significantly outperformed the city of Zhongyuan in the same period. The index CCL only increased by about 20%.

The turnover of the second-hand market peaked yesterday, covering private housing estates, clip houses, and even silver masters. The above-mentioned housing estate Golden Lion Garden broke its peak price twice a week. The house is located in Jinange High-rise Building 3, Wangjing Tianyuan direction Lou View two-room households, the United States property senior business manager Fu Deqiang said, put the dish about a month that was 4.92 million yuan to sell out, the practical area of ​​282 square meters, high price 17447 Yuan, pushing up the old record of 17,231 yuan in the lower floors of the same house in Jinfengge last week, pushed up by about 1.3%. The original owner purchased it for $2.808 million in January 2013, earning RMB 21.12 million (approximately 75.2%).

Looking up the data, the same floor of 306 sq.ft. two-room households in the same floor had been sold for $4 million in March last year. The price was RMB 13,072. At that time, the buyer could still make 90% of the mortgages, but they were separated by more than one year. The unit price has risen sharply by 23%. If the price is higher, the difference between the two is as high as 33.5%, which significantly abandons the 20.4% rise in CCL from 149.38 to 179.9.

The three note-issuing banks in Hong Kong valued the site at only 4.63 to 4.74 million yuan. In other words, the cost was about 3.8% to 6.3% higher than the valuation, reflecting that even if the unit is undervalued, it still does not prevent buyers from entering the market.

Lei King Garden record of 15,200 housing estates

Both belong to Lai King Garden in Tsuen Wan, which is on the car park. Two of the two rooms in Room A on the middle floor were put on the market for only two days. They were sold out yesterday for $5.528 million. The saleable area was 362 sq.ft. and the asking price was $15271. Court has always been the most expensive. The original owner purchased RMB 1.588 million in August 2009, and his book value increased by RMB 3.94 million (about 2.5 times). According to Zhong Jiahao, the company’s chief senior sales manager, the new buyer is a passenger and passenger in the same district. Only when the building is smashed once, the original owner’s bargaining price is 2,000 yuan.

This transaction price is also higher than the valuations of the above three note-issuing banks. If we compare the minimum valuation of BOCHK Hong Kong (02388), the transaction price is about 2.6% higher. In fact, the five top-floor E rooms with the same size in the same estate were sold at $14,365 per square foot in February this year. The discounted prices once set a record for the entire estate, and the above-mentioned mid-level units costed a mere two months apart and exceeded the top floor. Building King.

Ma Shiheng 8.28 million Jade Taiwan

In addition, when receiving a newspaper interview in January this year, he said that the Chairman of the MTR Corporation (00066), the current owner of the MTR (00066), was holding a room at Room A of the 2 Jade Terrace in Mid-Levels West. According to the Land Registry, the number was 828 on the 18th of this month. Ten thousand yuan changed hands, the area of ​​378 square meters was used, and the price was 21,905 yuan. The property price and the price were the highest in the estate. Ma Shiheng purchased it for $7.1 million in May 2014 and booked 1.18 million yuan in approximately 4 years. The agency said that the site was changed from the original 3 bedrooms to 2 bedroom households. Ma Shiheng sold the lease for 8.5 million yuan for six months before. The monthly rent was 23,000 yuan.

The artist, Xie Xian, spent 85 million yuan last May and invested in a double-car park with a double-car park. Room A in the lower floor of Yifeng, according to the Land Registry, was transferred to the son and singer Nicholas Tse at the original price on the 3rd of this month. The unit has a used area of ​​1939 sq.ft. , The price is 43837 yuan.

Sha Tin Public Housing Estate, Kwong Yang House, Kwong Yuen Estate, 15/F, Estate, 217 sq.ft. Mini-household, Land Registry Information, Priced at RMB 2.68 million on the 3rd of this month, Price $12350, Shatin price The most expensive public housing king. In September 2012, the original owner purchased the unpaid land premium of RMB 226,800, and did not make up the amount of land premium. The book value was increased by RMB 2,543,200 (about 10.8 times).