Victoria Harbour. Starbank House 110 Million Twin Topped

New large-scale building continued to go to the store, and the new high turnover was not an absolute one. Cheung Seng (01113) Hung Hom Victoria Harbour. The No. 1 house tendered by Xing An yesterday was sold under the “double top". The transaction price was 110 million yuan and the price of 49,200 yuan was a new high for the project. The 4th floor of Huaying Jiulong Tang Yunmen was sold at a price of RMB44,600, setting a new high for stratified prices.

Victoria Harbour. The No. 1 house on Xing’an was the largest bungalow in the whole area, with a practical area of ​​2235 sq.ft., a garden of about 1393 sq.ft., and a massage pool. It was sold for 110 million yuan, and the price was 49217 yuan, which was a new high for the Tongchuang project. The developers also pushed for tenders for houses 8 and 9 and closed the tenders at the end of next month. Market sources said that the two houses had been negotiated by a group of buyers, and that if the major purchasers had input more than RMB 200 million.

Huayu Cloud Gate Price 44637

More than 100 million yuan transactions still have a letter home (00083) Cluny Park, No. 53, Conduit Road, Mid-Levels West, Project Room A, 5th Floor, sold for more than 107 million yuan, with a saleable area of ​​2,361 square feet and a price of 45,336 yuan.

The Huayin Jiulong Tong Yunmen and Yin Wen Lishi respectively recorded transactions and cashed over RMB 106 million in a single day. Among them, Cloud Gate 2, Block 8 on the 8th floor, sold even the parking spaces for 65,394,100 yuan, with 1,464 square meters of usable floor area and a new stratified price of 44,637 yuan.

Henderson (00012) Xiyingpan Hanlinfeng was awarded a D&E room on the 38th floor of the company by the company’s customer, with a total investment of 15.296 billion yuan, and a tax of approximately 4.59 million yuan; the same department of Quarry Bay Junhaofeng also pushed 28 partners. It was sold on Saturday (28th) and the discounted average price was 24,754 yuan, with an admission fee of approximately 5.106 million yuan.

New World (00017), Sai Ying Pan, yesterday pushed 10 groups to “add food”. Eight teams were sold throughout the day and more than 60 million yuan were cashed out. The number of units sold was increased to 174 and cash was 1.43 billion yuan.

Kyung Yung Kwan O, Kyung Kwan O, to the blue sky last year, the two sets of right-wing 9th floor, Room A and 5 left wing, 27th floor, Room D, the practical area of ​​796 and 680 square feet, are three rooms and one set of intervals, the city development In the short term, the company re-introduced by tendering, and the two units were sold at a price of 9300 yuan in April 2015. The heavy push will inevitably increase the price. However, the developer has yet to announce the sales arrangements.