Yoo 18 BONHAM Transformed Building Intent to Sell 1.38 Billion

Yoo Studio and its subsidiaries in Mid-Levels West single-family luxury housing project yoo 18 BONHAM, developers suddenly changed their sales strategies, and sold them in tenders for the whole building with a guide price of 1.38 billion yuan. The total floor area of the project is approximately 27,500 sq ft and the discounted price is approximately 50,000 yuan. .

Yoo Studio Asia Managing Director Peng Zi’an [Photo] said that he recently received 2 to 3 interested buyers inquiries, hoping to purchase the entire building, because it can save time, so the tender for the entire building for sale. The senior sales manager of Centaline Real Estate Co., Ltd., Li Wei, said that the guidance price of the whole building was 1.38 billion yuan, and the guideline price was 50,246 yuan, which was lower than the current closing price of the new building in the same district of more than 60,000 yuan. It is now open. The demonstration unit is for booking visits.

The yoo 18 BONHAM located at 18 Bonham Road, Mid-Levels West, is an existing building with a total of 12 gangs, including 3 full-floor, 8 duplex and top-floor triple-family special houses. The built-up area is 1228 to 3,721 sq ft with a total floor area of 27465. Fang Hao, another 12 parking spaces.