SHKP pushes 2 sets of weekends and sells 96 groups.

SHKP (00016) pushed two sets this weekend. Baishijiao Yunhui sold the 66th team on Saturday (21st). In addition, the North Point Sea Breeze sold 30 people and sold a total of 96 people.

Yunhui 2 sells 66 households on Saturday

Xinyi, the deputy general manager of the company, said that the first round of Yunhui was close to Minqing, and the sales arrangement was announced yesterday. 66 people were sold this Saturday. Hu Zhiyuan, general manager of Xindi, said that the units to be offered include open-plan, two-bedroom and three-bedroom units, with a discounted price of about 5.2 million to 16.5 million yuan, and a discounted price of 15,000 to 19,500 yuan. change.

Hu Zhiyuan said that buyers who bought two or more groups could give priority to purchase, and the big hand group would sell up to 17 people. The project will be closed in the morning of the sale and will be released in the afternoon. The total market value of the unit price of 66 units sold this time is about 720 million yuan.

As for the North Point sea otter, the first round of sales in recent days is almost sold out, so 30 more people will be pushed this Saturday. Chen Hanlin, general manager of Xindi, said that the units to be sold this time range from open to two rooms, including Wanghai and Yuanjing. Buyers who purchase 2 or more can also purchase more than 18 units.

On the other hand, Ka Wah International (00173), Baishijiao Jiaxi, also announced sales arrangements, and launched 16 groups to be released this Saturday, intercepting Yunhui.

Hengdi (00012) Mong Kok Xiao Po. Yu sold the duplex room A on the 5th and 6th floors yesterday, with a transaction price of 56.202 million yuan, a unit with a practical area of ​​1,938 square feet, and a practical price of 29,000 yuan. It broke the record of 50, 31 floor duplex households with a transaction price of 55 million yuan. The transaction price of the project was new.