Miniature households in Jiansheng Village, Tuen Mun, sold for 13,700

The fine units are sought after, and the mini-houses in Jiansheng Village, Tuen Mun Public Housing, have a high price of $13,700.

208 accounts of 2.85 million

According to the news, the 12th floor of the middle floor of Taisheng Building in Jiansheng Village has a practical area of ​​208 square feet, with a transaction price of 2.85 million yuan (with land price) and an average price of 13,702 yuan. The sale of the last mini-house in the housing estate was recorded in September last year. The transaction price was 2.25 million yuan. In less than one year, the same unit was upgraded by 27%. The original owner entered the market with a price of 63,000 yuan in 1999, when the unit did not replenish the land price.

Yuen Long Single Building For Sale 14754

The value of the private unit’s fine unit continued to break. For example, the Yuanyang Building in Yuen Long was a good building. The high-rise E room of the project has a practical area of ​​305 square feet. The transaction price was 4.5 million yuan, and the price of the price was 14,754 yuan. Secondly, the price of the Golden Lion Garden in Dawei is close to 6 million yuan. The 2nd floor of the 2nd Jinmange is a high-rise building with a practical area of ​​335 square feet. Gu Jiajia, the manager of Lijiage Real Estate, pointed out that the unit was sold at a new high price of 5.8 million yuan. The price is 17,313 yuan.

On the other hand, affected by the new housing policy, the green table property bargaining space increased. Room 10, high-rise building, Jinggui Building, Tuen Mun Mountain Village, with a usable area of ​​443 square feet, the original price of 1.7 million yuan, the latest price reduction of 300,000 yuan, with a price of 1.4 million yuan, a reduction of 18%, the average price of 3,160 yuan.

Secondly, the 5th floor of Block B of Lefu Jiaqiang Court has a practical area of ​​407 square feet. The two rooms are separated by a price of 5 million yuan. The price is now 170,000 yuan, and the price is ¥4,300,000. The price is 11,867 yuan. The original owner entered the market with 3.18 million yuan in 2015, and the contracted goods changed hands for 3 years, with an appreciation of 52%.