Sha Tin Extension provides housing construction

The population of Sha Tin has soared to nearly 700000 in recent years. Members of the district think that there is a consensus on the shortage of land. There is no strong objection to the reclamation and the construction of estates in the country parks. However, the new land planning direction is not clear and worries. Transportation community support.

Sha Tin is one of the new towns. In recent years, there have been a number of large public housing and private developments. The population of the district has increased to about 700,000. Among them, the horses are reclaimed and the Sha Tin Sewage Works moved to the cave to make room. The two options for vacant land development are more controversial.

District Councillor: Planning consultation procedures need to be done well

District Councilor Wong Yu-han said that some of the land in Sha Tin was derived from reclamation. It is also imperative to reclaim land. Residents are generally not too disgusted with reclamation. However, the district is now connected to the Tai Po section for long-term traffic congestion. To reclaim the sea in the Majishui area, the traffic arrangements must be handled well.

Another member, Wang Husheng, also believes that most residents understand the current shortage of land. To solve the land shortage, it is the most ideal option to relocate the mountains and reclamation, but balance the interests of many aspects.

He mentioned that the population of Shatian has soared to 700,000 in the past five years. At present, the transportation and community facilities in the district are not ideal. If the housing is to be built, the overall planning and consultation procedures need to be completed.

Pang Ailan, a member of the same district, said that the reclamation of horses and waters would affect rivers and marine ecology, and it would easily bring screen and landscape problems, which would cause greater controversy among residents in the vicinity. The Shatian Sewage Plant, which covers an area of ​​about 28 hectares, was moved underground. The cost is high. However, most residents are more concerned about finding more land to build and helping other people to get on the train. Therefore, the overall objection is not big. However, the improvement of traffic and road support should be implemented to alleviate the development of housing.

The development of the country parks in the vicinity of the Shui Tung Au Estate is supported by many residents as the general direction is the construction of public housing and elderly services.