Hung Hom Bridal Tea House Hotel

The Shazhong Line will be open to traffic, and the Yutaixing Family and other Red Tea House hotels will submit a revised plan to build a 14-storey hotel with 48 guest rooms, 60% more than the old one.

The Bridal Tea House Hotel was approved in 2013 to be rebuilt into a 15-storey hotel, offering 30 rooms. The new plan slightly reduced the plot ratio and converted the 14-storey hotel with a total floor area of 13,800 sq. ft. and the number of rooms increased to 48. It covers an area of 1.25 square feet, with an average area of 260 square feet, which is 1.1 times more than the original. The restaurant and store floor are reduced to 1,270 square feet. The customer base is mainly free travellers from the Mainland.

In addition, The Boxes, Yuen Long San Tin Shopping City, such as SHKP (00016) and Henderson Land (00012), has been approved for the permanent scheme for the construction of two 7-storey buildings at the beginning of this year. The applicant stated that the approved permanent development of the site would take two to three years to fulfill and implement the conditions attached, so the application for continued operation for 3 years and 208 shops were provided.