Jiahu valuation of 3 months to stabilize by 1%

The US Federal Reserve announced that it had a confidence in the outlook and raised some of its estates. Which Tianshui Wai Jiahu Villa valuation fell 3 months after the fall, by 1% on week.

Debao Amoy close for the first time in January

Check the record, Tianshui Wai Jiahu Villa a high-level two-bedroom valuation, in June had seen 5.31 million yuan, but the past three months unit valuation gradually down, after six adjustments, last week (September 14) Had low to see 5.07 million yuan, the cumulative decline of 240,000 yuan, the rate of 4.5%.

However, the Federal Reserve announced the scale, the bank yesterday, part of the valuation of housing estates, and the above Jiahu Villa units, the latest valuation of 512 million yuan, by 1% on week, to return to August levels. In addition, the Ngau Tau Kok Garden and Amoy Gardens, unit valuations were up 0.8% and 0.5%, respectively, is also the first time in nearly a month to rise.

High value of the transaction good valuation

The above-mentioned increase in the valuation of the housing estates recorded a recent high transaction. Such as the treasure garden has a unit price of 16,356 yuan to sell a new high, and another Jiahu Villa 3 housing to break the price of 6.73 million yuan sales, it is estimated that the positive bank valuation of the unit.

The original valuation index (the main bank) CVI latest 57.42 points, with 57.81 points last week, similar to 4 weeks at 56 and 57 points rampant. Centaline Property estimates, shrinking table in line with market expectations, will not hit the bank mortgage enthusiasm. The index stabilized near the 60-point level and waited for an opportunity to rise.