BYD: Mainland electric vehicles can be popular in 2030

(01211) shares so far rose to about 5 percent, chairman Wang Chuanfu is expected, the mainland in 2030 will be able to fully popularize the electric car, the bus will be fully electrified in 2020 , That the company can supply batteries to other depots, the fastest end of the year can be announced the first contract.

The same unit than the electricity rose more than 16% North water recovery

BYD Electronics (00285), which has been selling its mobile phone parts and assembling services, has also risen by more than 16% to $ 11.85 billion, 24.85 yuan, turnover of 965 million yuan.

BYD is two strong, but the North water flow is different. Yesterday, a total of 193 million yuan of funds by Hong Kong shares (Shanghai) south to buy BYD Electronics, sold 98.3 million yuan, net purchase of 95 million yuan. On the other hand, the North water slightly outflow of BYD, buy 51.8 million yuan, sold 6,150 million, net flow of 9.7 million yuan.

Research out the end of the implementation of the fastest battery implementation

Wang Chuanfu yesterday in Shenzhen and the media meeting, referring to the Mainland concerned about the supply and demand of crude oil, compared with other countries may be more urgent need to eliminate fuel vehicles. He proposed a timetable for a lot more European countries more aggressive, such as Britain and France goal 2040 years before the elimination of fuel vehicles, and Norway on the target in 2025 only sales of zero-emission passenger cars.

With other depots need to develop new energy vehicles, Wang pointed out that BYD is considering the supply of batteries and discuss the joint investment in the battery.

BYD earlier in 2010 with the platform parent company Daimler (Daimler AG) set up a joint venture company, Wang Chuanfu said, the two sides are planning to push new products.