iPhone 8 sold for the first: up to your 300 yuan

today officially opened on sale, fried wine was “fruit growers" bearish. The first mobile phone shop is expected to only “fried" in the morning, but the maximum collection price of 300 yuan; to the afternoon at any time to “eclipse to leave."

There are mobile phone shop revealed that guests intend to buy the iPhone 8 standby, to be iPhone X out of the new machine.

Afternoon at any time to leave

Apple’s new iPhone 8 did not launch before the first shopping malls “recycling" offer has fallen below the price, consistent fruit farmers bearish. But the first “mobile empire" manager Alex said, iPhone 8 is still in the morning to undertake, fried or more pricing more than 200 to 300 yuan, which iPhone 8 Plus higher demand, but he reminded: “new machine in the afternoon after another, Because the goods may have to be diverted to leave, if the organic as soon as possible to release.

Alex said that the recent received nearly 300 orders, which non-starting areas of foreign customers mainly due to fried, it has not yet decided whether to send out of the receiver.

First, “digital sink" responsible person A Yong said that earlier received about 50 orders to 256GB iPhone 8 Plus the highest demand, but the fried price of only 100 yuan, the machine may not be received. He said that the iPhone 8 booking is far less than the same series of mobile phones, “iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 launch the first day, at least 80 to 100 orders."

Yao said that the first generation of “i generation", received about 50 orders, although the speculation is not optimistic, but some people holding the “early adopters" mentality: “Always iPhone X to be launched in November, there are guests In the “transition period" will first out of the iPhone 8, to be iPhone X launch that is the replacement, that the eclipsed also at the expense.